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Spanning coast to coast all over flyover nation. The Dana show. From hats. Just sheriffs. We're just upset over clothing in America. There's nothing else at all going wrong in society. So we're going to get upset over, hats and shirts. I have for you audio sound bite fourteen. A man had a Trump t- shirt, and it made a gym owner. Will it hurt their feelings? Listen to this news report. According to this is now causing a lot of controversy. This member says he doesn't understand why it's a problem. But tonight, the owner is standing by her decision to ban it. This country is free like freedom. When staff sergeant Jake Talbot, isn't touring. He says he stays in shape by working at CD. Why fitness a gym in Troy, Missouri. He's belong to for eight years. One of the big things that focused on being with military. But after what happened Sunday morning Talbot says he won't go back. And I'll says it's Trump for president twenty sixteen. Talbot says he was wearing this shirt when the owner approached him and politely asked him not to wear it to the gym again, saying the shirt was offensive to herself and others. She said that is racist. And it's represents racism, and I'm just like you Don Talbot says he finished his workout before posting his frustrations to Facebook. Forget hate that word people, you wait till we say it's twenty and nineteen hell over not racism, the gym's, owner declined an interview with news four, but says. The shirt made several members feel uncomfortable. It's a shirt. Yes cain. You're okay. This is an owner of a gym. These are gym goers people that, you know, don't they take care of themselves. So they don't have to be weak human beings. Why are they proving to be weak human beings? I don't get this. See I'm gonna look this up. CD why fitness in Troy, Missouri. Now, Missouri's her home state, Troy's not not too far. Oh, I I don't know that this. Well, they're going to get some great reviews. Now, can you imagine they're gonna get? And by the way, this is an army veteran who has told us an army veteran by a gym owner who was told maybe don't maybe don't wear that. But do do people not see the problem. Like right now, if you're drinking of water bottle, and I just decided that that's racist. And then other people agree with me. Yeah. All of a sudden, you drinking out of a water bottle is racist. What kind of sense does it? I mean, he had a twenty sixteen Trump for president. That's has a sleeves cut off. And how in the world was it making people uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable. Here standing in the squat rag, not using it for squads while looking at this man shirt, I'm uncomfortable or people who don't like rewrite their waves. These are these people who are complaining about this. If you're paying attention to what someone's wearing you ain't working out. Bre you ain't working out. If you are watching what everyone else is wearing. And you're so distracted from your workout that you're offended by someone's t shirt, you're not working out. Bre you're not. I thought this was a planet fitness. I guess it's planet fitness junior. I don't know. But this is it's just oh my heavens. She said it it's recessed represents a racism what? Yeah. Because she just made it up, and he I mean, so he walked out an army veteran who's run out of CD. Why Jim and Troy, Missouri? That CD why John and Troy, Missouri. Runs out. An army veteran over his Trump shirt. And they said that the chick who owns Liz Burke, who is the gym owner. She said that she doesn't think that the gem. It's just not a it's just it shouldn't be a political statement. We should have political statements. She that's what she wrote. She goes allow me to clarify. I don't believe our gems should be a political forum for anyone I want everyone to feel safe uncomfortable. Here. We're all trying to improve ourselves our hard edge. Hanes. Liz. How a shirt unsafe for others hose, a shirt unsafe for others. I just wanna know. Yeah. Me the gym owner. Liz, Burke said that she claims that she didn't she she claims that she didn't ask him to leave. She just said not to wear your shirt again. He's a veteran once you oh, man. I'm trying to be FCC friendly here that he wouldn't found another place to work out. So just to reestablish CD way, Jim on by Liz, birth control, Missouri..

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