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Know this button now we wanna I just thank you man because we we know you put out with us and there and and although you know that his jokes and his fun We still appreciate all the stuff that you do. I WanNa make today be about you. Thanks guys homes. Are you ready for the camera. Come back yet go back up. Talk Glance glass breath. Sweet get is go all his merck homeboy they go focused For about the Helicopter will be shimmied out of your house. Sweetie Regina can you describe to a podcast. Land was going on right now which I am on a massage table. Thinking about these Dita's downstairs and what I'm GonNa wear with them and hope that you you guys can quiet down getting my zen moment I talked about shit in a while. You do it. Every day. I see headphones broke. Must have we must be one. What Self Correo I I will shoot? Santa Claus is Chest Cory.

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