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Memory or Mandeville you call the same number eight six six three nine zero one two five two this Tuesday eleven AM or six PM when you call us we can we'll call you back Monday we'll give you all the directions on how to get there and all of that well we do have a limited space available the room were booking is a fairly large but it's filling up quick so when jump in no cost no obligation and when we're done we'll say would you like to sit one on one with us for a complimentary meeting just to find out how this may impact you and everyone who attends we have a handout a she will give you that recaps all of the changes in the secure act that way if you're on a good note taker or maybe you missed something we'll go over all of the key changes are about seven key changes in the secure act and we'll go over those again the number to make your reservation is eight six six three nine zero one two five two so Tuesday March tenth eleven AM or six PM don't go to don't sign up for both just one or the other one yes absolutely all right I want to know or either one of you risk takers and I don't mean with your money in the markets I mean just physically at so think of the what is it the will Linda family it's the high wire people yeah no I'm not I am is not that good of a soccer all right do you think about that though if they be put a high wire up a foot off the ground I think a lot of people would certainly try to do that you move it up to five feet summer dropping out you get to ten feet more dropping out you get to the top of buildings like they like to do most of this I think about ninety eight percent of us are dropping out is that the group that walked across yes the William yeah the World Trade Center towers yes they're the ones are the highwire family for generations of them and that's nuts and you think about that they they're they're not doing this haphazardly right there they've they've done a lot of research and and every once while they do have a terrible accident but most of us don't wanna be on the high wire acts so that's why when the governments in the cities in the in the counties and all of that put in bridges they always put guard rails in that's one of the things that you guys talk about a lot with your Presley wealth retirement GPS your Presley wealth retirement money map is it there are always guard rails in there right because we need growth most of us but it's also about some safety protection we get into retirement well and that's exactly why I stated earlier in in this in the program is that you know our clients were calling panicking a week ago because we do put guardrails in retirement it the thing is you got it if you think about your driving on all along Kirby road and you know how fast you want to go around those curves you know to get where you want to be for me personally I'm not a big risk taker my husband would tell you if he tried to go too fast around those you know Kirby right we I remember think about this if we were in Colorado there's a year on the mountain that it's snowing I'm half the roads are closed which is why we can't get home we've got to take a different direction I'm literally crying as he's driving it he's probably only doing twenty five thirty miles an hour but at that point it seem like eighty to me you know the thing is is that there were no guard rails and that's what made me cry is I think it is important in retirement that you create a plan that is is going to weather the storms you have to have those guardrails but maybe you are a you know if you want you need you need to speak you want to go quicker you know well guess what we can help you with that every person has their own their own feelings in their own thoughts as to how they're going to get where they want to go in so what's great about working with Presley wealth management as we have a lot of different tools that we can use to help get you where you want to be if you if you want to take more risk well we can help you with that of course you would want to use more market driven I can't you would want the most of your money to be in the market if you can in like that amount of risk but for most of our clients is it seems like they listen to us for a long time they finally get to the point where they need us and they call they go you know we've been listening out for a long time and you know we're gonna retire in six months we decided to come see it when they come in CS most of our clients they're not looking at you know going eighty five on the long curvy road they want to know that in retirement they do have guard rails and that's why often we will use an income annuity inside of their retirement plan because a fixed indexed annuity can give them safety.

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