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As soon as Anthony was snoring. Melvin move quietly and looked for a way to escape is. She couldn't move the suitcase without making a noise so she crawled out of the window instead to older women were on a stroll enjoying the summer evening when they noticed. Melvin on the roof after seeing. She was bound and gagged. They hurried back to their houses to call. The police. Authorities soon showed up to the house and pounded on the door trust. I had no idea what was going on. But let the officers in and lead them to Anthony's attic room after they forced the door open. Anthony tried to pretend he was clueless but apparently he wasn't a very convincing liar. He was arrested but Anthony soon made bail and was out on the streets again when his court date came up he never showed up for his trial and he went on the Lam for some reason. He didn't have to stay in hiding for long despite skipping his court date. Police never searched for him that he was able to return to his life as usual relatively quickly. He'd somehow caught a lucky break. But the near-miss didn't exactly scare Anthony Straight. If anything he was more tense than ever and he could only contain his violent urges for so long almost a year after his first sexual assault thirty year. Old Anthony Struck again on June twenty-fourth nineteen ninety he targeted another woman. He'd invited to the House for a drink. We don't know her name. But like Melvin that she was pregnant since the two of them were there alone apnea was easily able to approach from behind at attack. Anthony raped and assaulted the woman just like before. He promptly fell asleep after the attack. The woman escaped after he passed out and went straight to the police. She gave him the address of the House and a description of Anthony so well who was still asleep. When police arrived authorities arrested Anthony but when they brought him back to the station they discovered that his victim had left while they were away. The police were at a loss. The woman hadn't left her name or her address. They needed that information to press charges but before they let him go. Free Officers searched previous police reports for Anthony's name. They discovered he skipped out on his bail the previous year and held him in jail on the original charge when the court date came up in September of nineteen ninety. Anthony was forced to be there. The case wasn't as clear cut as police had hoped they never found Anthony's second victim so their case entirely hung on Melvin. She agreed to testify. But Anthony's lawyer successfully brought the charges down to attempted rape even so the jury heard enough to find thirty one year old. Anthony guilty. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Starting that September.

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