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The fort worth based carrier says the money is needed so they can continue just offering flights one of their doings of reporting regions are medical professionals getting to where they're most needed family members getting to their loved ones or where they feel most at auction officials getting to their constituents and back to government the Doug Parker says the company could get twelve billion in federal aid and even with that money Parker says tens of thousands of airline workers here in North Texas will have to work fewer hours until the pandemic is over and we're gonna have live coverage of governor Abbott's news conference coming up on corona virus at two o'clock here on news radio ten eighty K. R. L. T. so we get just a little over an hour we hear from the governor of Texas with the latest ad with corona virus cases in New York City soaring the city's first responders are facing massive casualties we're talking two hundred sixty reported cases within the police department the fire department getting hit as well you must respond is here in New York City are getting nearly as many calls today as they did on September eleventh a new York's governor says we could be two weeks away from what is the peak of the virus here sounds of sirens in New York City right now really stand out and that's because it's so much quieter here than normal everyone has been asked to stay inside a nurse from NYU Langone hospital sent us this video he told us there were nine ambulances all backed up trying to get patients into.

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