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Is that the question i'm asking you if in the history of the jackass movies and movie and tv's tv show if there was any point along the line there's some details you could give us of something that people don't know oh i don't know if people don't know i mean i don't know if i've discussed it before but jackass is always was always hanging on by a thread when you have that group of guys in in who do that kind of thing there's a reason we get great footage everyone is a little sideways so it's pretty it's always been volatile i mean even the tv show we got shut down during the pilot it almost didn't even make it to tv because we did a thing where i was in prison orange jumpsuit handcuffed when into a can a hardware store and said i can somebody help me solve these cups off in multiple cops showed up with guns on me ordered me on the ground yeah he could not shoot in in west hollywood for at least a decade that's what the kind of story that's good johnny knoxville with us here on espn radio is new movie action point is in theaters this friday what's the craziest thing you discovered about action park through doing this movie johnny the craziest thing i i mean just of course the rides were so dangerous and like you said even the people that operated the ride for teenagers and they were loaded in in your imagine come out with a broken arm or but or something but even like the water was so dirty there that girls would get yeast infections just getting in the water.

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