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Police are on the hunt for a man wanted in the death of another man Saturday night they say Tony Missoni hit a man during a fight WBC TV's Jim Smith has more the steady is believed to be homeless but usually stays in the local area police are telling the public necessity should be considered armed and dangerous and might have one or more guns authorities also say miss said he has a tattoo that says Tony on his right bicep it has other tattoos on his right and left for our they also say he's been known to use a bicycle to get around at this point police do not believe that this was a random crime they say if anybody does seem as Eddie they should not approach him and instead should call police police say by sandy and the victim knew each other it was a shorter weekend for many and the sea board who got home later than usual Friday night protesters gathered in the heart of the afternoon rush on the Congress street bridge demanding action on climate change they call this a flood the seaport protest no arrests were made sixty seven people have a date in front of a judge after they were arrested at a protest outside of a coal fired power plant in bow New. after Saturday WBZ's Charlie Sherman has a story the activists were charged with trespassing on the grounds of the Merrimack station after more than two hundred protesters turned out for the rally and called for the coal fired plant to be shut down the protests came at the end of a week of climate demonstrations around the world calling for governments to do more to reduce carbon emissions the protest was organized by non profits such as three fifty New Hampshire rights and democracy New Hampshire youth movement and climate disobedience hydraulic Sherman WBZ Boston's newsradio a hiker and Connecticut has quite a story to tell he was walking near legs your Saturday when he was confronted by a black bear the bear not the man to the ground then took off into the woods the hiker was treated for injuries no sign of the bear sense although wildlife biologists have set up a trap in the area and impaired driver case out of Minnesota is one for the record books here's ABC's Chuck secrets and when Marshall knoll pleaded guilty to first degree driving under the influence in exchange for the dismissal of two more serious charges it was his eighteenth do you why prosecutors in Hastings Minnesota say the sixty year old was driving with a suspended license was high on illicit drugs Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper says no received a three year prison sentence but with credit for time served he'll serve twenty months this for causing a crash that seriously injured two people in twenty seventeen Chuck secrets and ABC news a school bus driver in Washington state busted for drunk driving on the job ABC's Marcy Gonzalez has a story newly released surveillance video showing their bus driver behind the wheel at times yelling and rambling incoherently. forty eight year old Katherine Maccarone charged with the do you why and reckless endangerment after one of the nearly ninety children she drove that day called nine one one Longview police pulling the bus over after all of the students were dropped off not grown arrested and later resigning the bus driver is charged with do you why and reckless endangerment Alabama has a new project to shed light on its role in the civil rights movement a new online project called voices of Alabama presents the sights and sounds of the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties civil rights movement in the state.

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