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Well, that team turned it around. They fired their manager Joe Girardi and rob Thompson has led this team to what in the end was a kind of roller coaster wild card finish, but this team is built on their bats. So this is a team that's built to make some noise in the playoffs. And the big question was, can you get here? And then now that you're here, as far as the lineup goes, they're pretty well set to scare just about anybody. And if you look at the rotation, that's where things as ever with the Phillies start to not fall apart, but get a little shaky. They have Zack Wheeler leading the charge. They have Aaron nola who's been very, very good. But after that, it's ranger Suarez is Kyle Gibson Bailey falter. They want to syndergaard. It can work, but it's going to need the offense to carry this team. And then the bullpen, the Phillies bullpen is what felt like the single biggest reason they didn't get to the last ten years. And it's patched together a little bit, but they have some arms and so they're going to need, I think, to get a lot of the starting rotation because I don't think the bullpen really necessarily has what it takes to carry them if it's four innings and out. I think they have to lean on these guys a little bit more like horses. Now the Cardinals got an MVP caliber season from first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. Tell us a little bit about what he accomplished and who else do they have around him that stands out? Paul goes for it just keeps laughing at like the aging curves that all these projection models have. You're not supposed to be doing this at 34 35. You just turned 35. Years old, this is a three 17 season, a one 80 OPS plus, if you know what that is, that's just 100 is league average. So he's 1.8 times the average player. 35 homers and a 115 RBI. This is like peak stuff. Goldschmidt hits it out to left and this will do it. And he does it in gray. Style. Heads a grand slam. Goldie, the walk off grand slam. And he's doing it with a team that has another MVP candidate in Nolan Arenado. And this is a team that's, it's a really fascinating one because this is a lineup that can contact you to death at times. It can hit the Homer. I mean, if Albert Pujols coming out basically taking a victory lap here on his wonderful career, people were pulling for him to get to 700 homers, but it seems really unrealistic this year. He was 21 homers, I think, short at that point. Well, he goes ahead and his 24 homers drives in almost 70 runs. And gives you a one 54 RPS plus. Storybook fairytale stuff. Taylor's back at the wall and 700. Albert Pujols. Has joined the 7 hundred home run club. We'll see how that one ends, but what a way to end his career. And they've also got some young players like Lars nubar, Brendan Donovan, who have had really big moments this year, they'll have to come through an important moments for this team, because it can't just be aeronaut on Goldschmidt, but that's a really, really solid middle of the lineup in aeronautic, of course, one of the best defenders in the league as well, third base. Well, you know what time it is, prediction time who advances between the Phillies and the Cardinals. Give me, oh, I'm gonna go fill it. Oh. The depth of the Cardinals lineup is interesting to me, but I do worry that if one of their starters gets dinged, where do they go from there? This is more of just a gut feel here. And if you ask me tomorrow, I might feel differently, but whoever takes game one here is probably gonna be the winner, but I'm gonna put my imaginary money on the Phillies. All right, fair enough. Now the winner gets the braves who it pains me to say as a mets fan, won their 5th straight NL east title winning a 101 games, which is also the same as the mets, by the way. So for my fellow non braves fans out there, what makes this team so tough? Do you want to take this one? I'm going to let you go, or else I'm going to go in an explosive rant. So the brain is a little unfair how they've done this again, because they've done it in a bit of a different way, where if you remember last year it was, well, this is a team that lost Ronald Acuna. They had just a huge loss. Everyone just kind of leaving them out of the postseason conversation because, oh yeah, they were under 500 team at the all star break. But this was an opportunity where Alex and the GM went out and got a bunch of small upgrades, basically everywhere. Let's just get a whole new outfield and it won't cost us a whole lot because we aren't getting the top guys that we're not going to get Juan Soto. We're going to get some of these guys who teams are just hoping to not have to pay the salary the rest of the season to be honest. And there's enough of those opportunities out there that they were able to upgrade across the board. And it turns into a magical run the O2. Left side Swanson. To first. And they now are doing it with the help of some younger players they've integrated. Of course they're doing it without Freddy Freeman as well. They replaced him with Matt Olson, who has been really good. He's not Freddie Freeman, and I don't think it's really worth us having the debate every day of they're both great, but they have met Olsen and they have extra money now to use elsewhere and what have they done with it? Well, they have locked up Austin Riley to a long-term contract. They brought up Michael Harris from double-A and he's also going to probably win The Rookie of the year over his teammate Spencer strider. And they give him a long-term contract. This is a team that they made a lot of moves this year to make you say, oh, they might not be going anywhere for a little while. I know pains you to hear. But you paired that lineup in a bat they have there with a rotation of max free to take another step forward this year. Kyle Wright, who's been really, really good since coming off the injured list. Charlie Morton hasn't been as good as in the past, but they certainly trust him in the postseason. He's been one of the better posts and pictures of the last decade. And I didn't even mention Spencer strider there. They could use him in any kind of role they want right now. He's coming back from injury, but in that bullpen you have basically three, four potential closers. It's a complete package, and it's unfortunately for mets fans, a team that looks like it's poised to keep its players as well, which is hard for teams to do these days. It's hard to talk guys out of taking that trip to free agency, but anthropologists and the braves ownership has been able to fork over enough money to talk to these guys out of it. Over on the other side of the national league bracket, we've got the Padres up against the New York mets. First, San Diego. This team really went all in at the trade deadline adding Juan Soto, Josh hader and Josh bell. So how are those moves looking now? And how is this team looking heading into the playoffs? It hasn't exactly not worked because the whole point was to get to the playoffs and with Juan Soto get three cracks at it before he is a free agent and maybe they'll sign a long-term as well. But it really hasn't played out the way a lot of us expected. You went and got Josh bell as well who was the best first baseman on the market in terms of how he performed so far this year, first base slash DH. And Josh hader, who was the brewers closer, really head scratcher why the brewers got rid of him, but he is not even been in a priority role really for the Padres because of his inconsistency. He's just not been there. But Juan Soto is a good isn't the right word. He's a great enough player that even when he is not putting up MVP numbers, he's still going to be getting on base a ton. He's still had almost 400 on base percentage with the Padres so far. Josh bell has been really not good. Having covered him in Pittsburgh he is a streaky hitter. He has, if I'm not mistaken, no post is an experience at this point. And so this is his first opportunity in these big moments. And you know there's more in that the one 92 batting average he's put up in the three homers since going over to San Diego. Strange, it's a head scratcher, but there's still time to figure it out. And then hater, I mean, he's still got enough of an arm that teams don't want to see him coming out of the bullpen, but he doesn't always know where it's going and we'll see where they go with that. But it's a team that did everything it could truly at the trade deadline to put itself in the playoffs and here it is. So they have their shot. The mets had a great regular season winning a 101 games, but lost out on the division title. But interesting contrast to the Padres here because the mets really didn't make any big upgrades at the trade deadline, which has been a criticism of the team. What would you say is their most glaring weakness heading

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