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Just seems perfect. So, yeah. Anyway, is, yeah, let's get to wrestling. We have to do it. We have to do wrestle. I'm sorry. But first, we have to think, for new patrons, actually 5. Kind of, we have to think Isaac McAlester. Okay. Wrong and his girlfriend Marisol. Oh, Marisol, yeah, Marisol Marisol. I don't know something like that. Wayne Mansell and Joshua Watkins. All right, well, thank you to all of you. Yes, thank you so much. $5 a month. Gets you. Everything you can cancel. Anytime. You can also sign up for a year and get a discount. Yeah. So I could go and get a SummerSlam recap later this month. Yes. That's right. That's like, what? Two weeks. Yeah. Two weeks. Two weeks in Vegas in Vegas recording the podcast in Vegas. Yes. So off I don't think we're going to do any sort of live show but we'll definitely be hanging out at a few places. We can always keep everyone posted full show. If you're going to be out there drop us a line. Let us know that way. We can keep you in the loop. Yeah. Also we did the hottest couple bracket? Yes. Submitted by one of our patrons that's right. Rachel Graham. Yes we have more of those to get to as well. We do it's like the flood gates have been opened rights. So many brackets now so many bright but we do have is that bracket going to be ready this month off? I don't know. I'm not sure yet probably the next month because SummerSlam is right here and it's so busy. But I mean, I work from a bracket. Yeah. Are too. I do have thought, you know, contingency plan if we need. Okay, so what's that? Oh SummerSlam 2002. Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan. Oh that's 2005. Oh mm. Yeah. Right. Yeah. SummerSlam 2002 was great. Yeah, Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, right? Yeah. SummerSlam 2005. We're HBK magnifico magnifico magnificently. Thank you. I'm Josh Reese. Everyone over sold everything. Yeah. That Hogan dead. That's right. Yeah. Cuz fuck that guy fucked that guy. Yeah. Who, who likes Hogan? Crazy people. All right, so Smackdown starts with Simon. No Sasha Banks week. Yeah, I know this is weird. Believe it or not. Wait I'm sorry. Suck down, doesn't start with Roman Reigns. That's good. Yeah Smackdown also has a CGI robot to now cuz the future wrestling is Rome. Yeah. Like robo-wrestlemania mayor. Yeah. Totally. The Jetsons WWE movie. Yeah. Big Show blast from the past shows up dead. My God. Holy held. Who was the main star of that movie? Big shows a Big Show. No picture was the villain who was like the hero of the movie. I don't remember John Cena, John Cena and Sheamus home. Yeah, I think Seamus might have been there, but yeah, that's right. The future of wrestling is robots. Yeah. All your look at the movie Real Steel. Yeah. Clearly. That's where it's going to be God. Yeah, so yeah, I think box was like, Hey, USA got a robot. Why can't we have a robot? We're so cool. So yeah, so she gets the ring. She says, I came back from my spot life. I deserve. She laughed about attacking Bianca Bel-Air last week and she says, Bianca would be nothing without me. Bianca was crying before her match at WrestleMania because she was standing across from the greatest of all time. So Bellaire comes out until Sasha, you begged me to pick you. After I won the Royal Rumble so that we could make history at WrestleMania. But we are gets in the ring and Sasha leaves and stands on the announce table. Able and Bellaire tell Sasha if you want this, it's on. So then zelina Vega comes out and reminds Bianca that she already accepted her challenge. So, Bel-Air tell Sasha, I'll see you at SummerSlam and then she tells Vega, I'll see you tonight. So that's two matches that Bell are accepted. Wow, this is not difficult to understand unless you're Michael Cole off right now. I am talking about last night. Michael, yes, please. Michael. I don't think that gets utilized enough on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then he also said that Bell are challenged Vega? No, no, no, no. Big a challenge. Spell are yeah. Yeah. It's how is he that bad? He's been doing this job for twenty-five years. He's been with w. E. I know he still sucked. He was also in robo-wrestlemania. That's right. Rollins. Was in it. Yeah. Cody Rhodes was in it? Yeah. Do we figure out who the star was like, who the main character was? Ennis, McMahon? I don't remember off. Neither. Do I like Roman Reigns is on the poster. I don't think he was like, the hero though, is that? No, Alicia Fox Alicia Fox? Yeah, let me see. Let me look through this Thursday. We recap this movie. He did, we did. Oh, George Jetson. Michael Cole, was either here on the movie now, Bob Alicia. Fox wage. Real name is Victoria Crawford. Oh I was it Shamus. I think it was, it might have been the Usos were there. Seth Rollins Thursdays are good. God, maybe it was a big show. I'm so confused, Big Show was a villain though. Yeah, that's right. My God, let me look at the pictures and I think he was a face during that they're saying that maybe it was Seamus. Yeah, well as in all the fucking things it was fucking Thursday is we we watched this movie where you recapped it and I won't remember anything about. Yeah this is before Rousseau Penitentiary. Yeah. So clearly Seamus was Champion or something. Yeah, well there's vents gosh. Anyways, go listen to that. I think that was the second movie we ever recap. It could have been the first one was the marine and then the second one was robo-wrestlemania. God help us all. What was I smoking? Yeah, let's watch that. You know, man. All right, so back to the show, the originally said that Vega vs. Bel-Air were before the title that night. But then later in the show, Adam, Pierson, Sonya DeVille, tell, Vega that it's not for the title and she has to beat Bel-Air first, and then she'll get a.

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