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Download air seven twenty wgn thanks rob michael koussa's in studio he is the longtime artistic director founder of the chicago international film festival which begins tomorrow runs through october twenty six the film marshall opens the festival tomorrow night red carpet whole bit michael kuts in studio talking about the the history of the festival and what to expect from this year but i mean just great stories about chicago moving from sort of being an a a tried and true old school kind of city and moving into industries it's unfamiliar with an an and the we were doing the daily thing earlier before we cut off by the free windows the one who fell in love the the mayor of fell in love with the film festival is jane burn and she saw all the potential she saw everything the jane burned she comes in and she she understands what a film festival hair team her whole team did an okay we're going to fund this we're gonna do this that the other end but promote and if sentencing she really understood does the film festival chicago international film festival does it work handinhand with with an int with the film industry coming to chicago to shoot film i mean is it all one part of i mean how much how much i guess sway does a film festival have in trying to get films to be shot here in chicago i think those days are over because right now chicago's that had centred television they asked a feature films they make him for two days trees have stunt like it used to be his expensive issue the weather's is totally uncontrollable he i don't always going and uh he had a good taxes and a we have but then when i going to get my money because the state is little awkward paying muff if he can't pay your lottery itself leaked difficult to give me the percentage from i movie too i hear this from filmmakers as so television is working very well here hen do we help we're really not net visits helped we were where we were very much instrumental getting movies here but not anymore when you were instrumental what.

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