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45. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. Time for rob woodfork. All right, the capitals race to a two zero lead in Ottawa, but it would be all senators after that. That's a puck in front and he's score and Ottawa takes the lead. The buck goes out front and his punt hole by Shane Pinto. Dug out by Joseph behind the end of Pinto did not miss out front. 1407 to go three to two out of one. And that's John Walton with a call on 1500 a.m., the caps lose a 5 to heartbreaker. They would tack on a pair of empty netters there at the end, north of the borders so ends the two game win streak for the capitals, sales CS game two, well underway in Houston, it is the Astros in front of the New York Yankees three to two. We're in the bottom of the 6th inning, Luis severino done for the night through 5 and a third frames gave up the three runs on a Alex Bregman home run that still has fram beer valdes in line for the win the Astros can hang on. College gridiron, it is right now Virginia taking on Georgia Tech. This one about rough way roughly midway through the third quarter. It's the Cavaliers in front of the Georgia Tech yellow jackets 13 to 9. Brennan Armstrong with a touchdown pass. He's been picked off twice also rushed for a touchdown. Thursday Night Football. At halftime in Arizona, the Cardinals riding a massive second quarter, they lead the New Orleans Saints 28 to 14. The cards intercepting Andy Dalton three times in the first half. They returned two of them for touchdowns. Kyler Murray might get to play some Call of Duty a little earlier than expected tonight. The Washington commanders looks like they're going to be without Jahan Dodson on Sunday against the packers. He re aggravated his hamstring injury at practice today. Rob woodwork WTO sports

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