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January. Twenty Fifth Twenty twenty by detective. Chad Cataluna of the Kuiper Police Department so Lori was served this order in Hawaii on January twenty fifth and I remember seeing in the news. The countdown is Laurie. Going to you know where the children this is. When the Hashtag Hashtag were children really got going so five days past and Laurie did not produce the children and she has still not produced the children to this day and then skipping a little bit just because they talk about how they serve them and how they still hadn't seen the kids in Hawaii Paragraph Twenty six. It says during the afternoon of January twenty six twenty twenty. I answered that question. Police Department served search warrants for Chad and Laurie on their black Ford Explorer. They had rented they were served to them in the parking lot of the quiet beach resort. Jj entirely were not with them clearly so this is just very odd items that were found in the car that no one would ever carry around in their car so both birth certificates for Thailand. Jj were present in this rented car tallies financial transaction card issued by BBVA so her Bankcard. Jj's ipad identified by initials on the back another IPAD which was logged into Jj's apple account then Jj school registration receipts from Kennedy Elementary School in Expert. Idaho so there is literally no recent. Anyone would carry those personal information like pieces in their car for very long unless you were going to the school unless be. We're going to you know somewhere opening an account of some kind for birth certificates or passports. Or you know things like that. You don't carry that around. That's just very weird. It's this here's the the additional piece to that so as everyone knows highly. Ryan's Father Joseph Ryan passed away of a heart attack right when she was when she was a young child so she was eligible for his social security benefits. I believe when she turned seventeen so it has been reported that Lori follow if she has highly Ryan financial cards for the Social Security is being deposited into which it seems like she and part of this investigation. In this affidavit paragraph thirty seven concludes that Lori Valo. That card is still active and has been used since the last sighting entirely. That means that Lori Velo has been committing social security fraud and using tyler lease social security payout from her father's right. If it was Laurie again. We don't know but we're pretty sure. Listen she has in her possession. It's likely that is one question that I have. I guess they know you know If it was they don't know yet but that's just something that we speculates. Yeah just keep it. Actually I have to say that everyone most people who have had grandparents a normal like family sudden would say that grandma always has a box of your like of lake documents like birth certificates and stuff of their grandchildren. That's normal keeping a car is like the lease normal thing. I've actually never heard of anyone being. I'm in a rental car with like all my kids belongings when kids. Are you know the only time you need? That is if you are sometimes if you're going cruise with underage kids Travel with underage kids. And then. Yeah if you're applying for like some sort of ID identification. And I. I can't really think of another reason why you need to carry it around so that that's just odd will then on January twenty six twenty twenty after the search warrants were served for the vehicle a search warrant was served on the Condo so this is the Condo in Hawaii Different Condo from Idaho in the garage. They had just standard garage stuff so chairs Yoga Mats Beach Towels things like that. There was no items in the garage. Though that would appear to belong to a minor child they also found basically nothing in the condo that would have belonged to Kylie or JJ. They said that there wasn't any indication of Seven Year. Old Boy even being present there at all no toys. No books no meds nothing so they did have a second room outside of the master bedroom in the CONDO. And that's probably where the kids would have been in. There was nothing there. So that sounds really sad and then paragraph thirty nine is basically recap of discussing the service dog that. Jj Avello had autism. And how were you Valo? Attempted to get rid of him or when they picked up the dog and then also eventually that the she got rid of Also something very talented. Oh I was just GonNa say it confirms. The Dog. Trainer picked up the dog because some people were saying she sold it and I know she had an ad up but it didn't work. The dog trainer picked it up on August thirtieth. So I'm pretty sure that's what we had set before to. Yes exactly Lori bellows said. Come get this dog. Our life circumstances have changed and he notice. Jj but not highly at that at that time US paragraph forty. The detectives interviewed had debacles parents. Now those two people have remained pretty silent throughout this thing hall so they interview. Todd Davis Parents Jack in Sheila Debacle in Springville Utah and they told the detective that Chattan Maury told them in November that Lori Valla was a quote empty Nester. And that's easy again. That's another stupid lie. Because if they ever looked up anything on their new daughter in law and even Google her name. They're going to see. She was present when Alex Killed. Her ex husband or if they ever asked like oh you're married before what was he like? No it's just a question especially someone died. They got a divorce. That's like a no topic normally but if your significant other past than normally it's you know you ask a while. I'm so sorry to hear that what happened to him. And if they googled anything about that they would have seen her with tighly standing there. It's true they even say like she's over there with her daughter. I think at one point So it's insane. It's another stupid lie. No and then Paragraph Forty one. Another stupid lie. The Rexburg Police Department interviewed Jason. Ma Samantha G- William and Semantic William is the sister of Tammy debacle Chad's deceased wife and Jason and Samantha told the Rexburg Police Department. That Chad told them that Lori had quote no juvenile children so Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag and they were living.

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