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You've got wind damage and you know tornadoes are agnostic as to where they dropped down as they can drop down in a flood prone area and they could drop down in an area that's never seen water. That's a different kind of damage. And I think that a lot of insurance companies cover that as as really is telling us about, Uh, let's talk to Chuck in Greenwood, South Carolina. Hello, Chuck. Hello. Are you sure to say? Enjoy your show for the most part, But I got to disagree on people just needing to move from low lying areas if they don't want to get flooded out, because There's a lot of people that don't have anything to move with. Well, that's that's why I say, I think that the government ought to help them move. I have no problem with helping people move who can't afford to move. I have a serious problem with subsidizing them to stay there so that we can continue to pay them. Year after year after year. I'm just not in favor of subsidizing stupidity, but if they can't afford to move I think the the state or the feds owe it to them to help them. Move, Chuck. Until a certain faction of, uh Politics in this country doesn't want to do anything about the climate change issue this in our face with these ever ramping up storms. Oh, that are all this 100% attributed to global warming. Now some storms happen anyway. The extent to which they are attributable to global warming, of course, is part of a great National debate and so on and so forth, But it's not really our subject tonight. But in terms of helping such people, John Wisniewski, uh, I I think absolutely, for people such as Chuck described who can't afford to move? I mean, if the government is going to complain about that we owe it to help them move. I have no problem with that. Well, Jim. I think that's one of the reasons why people have continued to live in the areas they've lived in because they have nowhere else to go. They don't have the resources to move and I think that's a very good point. That if we want to stop Repeating the same cycle over and over again, then the program ought to be instead of paying money to rebuild in the same spot. Let's take that money and let's relocate to a better spot that is not going to fund that is not going to be subject to a year in and year out the damage that we're all things for. I think that We have to change as a nation. How we look at these things we have to recognize, as the caller said, you know, with with with climate change, this is only going to get worse. And if we not proactive doing something about it now, It's just going to cross a lot more in the future. Here's Paul in Zanesville, Ohio. Hello, Paul. Good evening, Jimbo. And I'm not going to tempt that last name. I think it's listening. Wiz nesky a W I s e n I e. W s k. I the I'll just asked John Point blank. Am I saying it right? You're perfect spot on Where's Nesky? Okay, Go ahead, Paul. Okay, sir. I have one of those last names to that's just hard to pronounce. Anyway. You know, my wife wants me to move to the Myrtle Beach. Here. We prepare house off. We're not too far from that. We can see the light in the tunnel. But have you ever had a scientific nerve act up on you? I don't know if that you have, or you know your listeners out there. Well, for those who are not familiar with that particular nerve. What does that have to do with our conversation? Paul? Well, I'm getting there. Um, if you know what's going to happen inevitably. So my wife wants to be moved down there. But I'm not going to because you know what are the cost of the insurance to move down there? You know you're going to get a hurricane, You know, sooner or later, So I want to move Maybe a little more to the Midwest. Something like that. But these people in the east coastal state to understand a lot, and they just don't have the resources. Well, now that we should help them with the resources Yeah, I mean, look, yes, They live in a very nice area and when there's no storms, it's it's a beautiful view, and it's a great place to live. But the problem is That when these storms come in their homes are destroyed. People are killed. We love to live by Iowa bodies of water, and that's why you'll find coastal areas. Myrtle Beach, certainly all down through Ah, Georgia and Florida and north into North Carolina and Virginia. You'll find coastal areas like that just filled with people. We understand what people want. People also want to lose weight on the Haagen Daz diet. Sometimes people want things that are not not terribly sensical 18665 Oh, Jimbo, 1866554626 and back in a moment. Switching to Geico is a good idea, especially when you consider everything. First off Geico makes it easy to switch. They have licensed agents available 24 7 online or over the phone, But if it's so easy, you might start thinking.

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