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And we'll be looking for another one. Sulfur time we're whalers on the moon. We carry a harpoon. I don't remember the rest of that song. But it's a good future episode. You always talk about law and order Two weeks until the the season premiere of law and order. Svu and organized crime. I do not care about us. View a have not for very long time ever since stabler left. I don't care so i've been trying to catch up on it and it's weird. I feel like a big part of the is missing. Obviously that is my personal opinion. Not everybody agrees with me but hopefully we will get some fucking and olivia benson needs to get her fucking back. Blown out by elliot stabler. He needs to fuck her so hard she can't walk just really hoping dot c. pretty much this will differ ga- she needs. She's going to have to relearn how to walk after he fox her and i really hoping for it. So yes. september twenty third anyway script olivia's. It'd be a olivia back blown out. Syria libya inventions apartment. Wishes just like playing the song side to side by ariana guerande which is about getting fucked so hard you can't walk and then like using a walker to around her apartment captain what's wrong. She's like nothing. I'm fine a back spasm. Imagine was the captain. Know he's always told him to reagan craig anymore. She's captain now. Craig craig is always like cricket is always like you know. Hey go go go to bed. Go to sleep. He's like you he's gonna go with your back. We'll go back up at the curve. Black back blown out rehavia. Jesus christ been waiting for this man for twenty three years. Fuck it backload out. Find us on podcast addict. You could do this show with me. I don't know okay you. you're delightful. Who am i. Is that what this podcast addict. Haw podcast addict Find over there and these Give us some love and Also check me out. On april seventy nine on youtube where i am opening of action figures all right all right guys. Thanks for listening folks on top together style by..

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