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Can only designs rely room why did you told your eyes are going to try the corey perry neck are wales making k y swing is called she bears says you don't like the hoppy bears of a hobby beer this wings a little spicy okay well i like that this wings for you okay megan exist mike why all the dish out the other spicy wings wanted don't we go ahead there's at one gives you two more okay this one and in this one okay here the three spicy saw now we three three plenty of news theme let's get to the beer news and then we'll try to spicy one from around the world on radio this is the b b c s media coverage at such a wonderful yorkshire accident is an accident in of language those on purpose on purpose for fifteen years bure advocates extreme beer fest has been bringing novel boundary pushing sometimes narly brews to boston arc word said boston duffy shed founder sam college young who's delaware burly sponsors the festival literally i love that word literally wrote the book on extreme brewing back in twenty six it so it should come as no surprise that dogfish is debut in something especially invented at ebf this year in your mates is what it sounds like a style brood with coffee chicory milk sugar and the two active ingredient sounds ace brand pepper spray calgene from massachusetts got the idea while dining recently with a childhood friend who's also a mace brand executive we got this super duper industrial strengthen foodgrade all resin earlier as an excuse me maize for like sprang people yes their hate maize pepper spray yeah exactly foodgrade halo razan capsizing set the cap seiken whatever it says chilly oil succo el chapo faces yeah sheltered wrong in this release i'm sorry about that but everybody was pleasantly surprised about how drinkable it is and i'm going here yeah prove it i like pepper i laundry hoverers bray this sprays rain history in libya lace weapon for ladies at the barvikha tiffany makes them unwanted advance instead of all at the public and the beer writer mcveigh's moving right along a month before wilmington rock band mega releases their debut album the bullets will give fans tied to the debut of their own beer niger's mega malt a ten point four abb variation of black powder ipa we'll.

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