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Uh i got nothing for scary stuff hit us let's get on to justice league i were 42 minutes in we haven't even got to the movie ah i got one thing for scary stuff look folks there's a lot of controversy around star wars battlefront too with the loot crates and all that stuff if you don't wanna know what i'm talking about look it up i know so little too much free to try to explain right nib look basically here's the thing the game was offering in game purchases for these things called luke crates and what you could do as you could buy luke great for a certain amount of money and it would give you items weapons would ever that would allow you to advance more quickly in the game she could get better at the multiplier people at a shit fit e h e ages loss something like two billion dollars in investors or something because there were so much backlash over this belgium was going after them for legal reasons saying they were putting legal gambling in games i don't understand any of that uh it's just like any other crate service that you do there's a million of these great things out there the governor closed they got him for dvds they got him for blue raise that got it for music that got him for video games these are services and ever as a welterweight a cheat to get ahead to win a paid to get ahead in the game yeah well some of us don't have twenty seven hours straight a day to sit in front of the fucking tv a become experts at star wars battlefront two which is mainly a multiplayer online game some of us want to just enjoy the goddamn game on a who gives a faulk who cares if the guy you're playing against got better because he bought it or got better because he worked for it it still the same opponent who gives a shit and it's still the same but you know your your experience doesn't change in any way exactly so so i i look.

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