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Wester hotline is kill McDonald from the university of Utah coach my name is Howard Jeremy is here as well welcome to our show and happy Friday to you Sir thank you I really appreciate it well we we appreciate giving us a little research a little a little insight on Zack moss so listen coach everybody keeps telling us about his collision violent style of running is what would that be how you would describe Zack moss is running style that would be a way to put it for a short I. be a way to put it for sure use of the very violent runner tell me a little bit about what has made what made him so successful at the university of Utah as as far as you know all I know is that a whole bunch all time records for running backs why was he able to have that success I think that he he came in with the mindset that he wanted to be one the best ever come through these doors it's been a lot of time the storm room developing skill set at a high football IQ of the game and I just think that that coincided with his athletic ability given the opportunity to have the level of success and yet in terms of how you guys used him what is it fair to say he was the focal point of the offense yes yes you know we run the ball here do university Utah and obviously we have a number of great players but I think last season Jack was the guy that we want to make sure that it's going to fuel the engine for the U. S. did you like I mean just feed him the ball constantly and is he the kind of kid who will go up to you and and you know maybe when he gets to twenty touches a coach give me more give me more give me more but you know what that's had over seven hundred teslas will ball up here and university you because of we never had a deal where he asked himself give them some more so but he is the type of young man that if you wouldn't I think he maybe say something but Zacks he's actually guy that's just going to have his head down he's going to work it's going to play hard and you know he's going to give years he's got what it what I mean is he pretty much a north south guy culture does he have you know the ability to get to the edge and some other parts to his style as a running back Jackson five to running back Zach to run right around you you can make a mess they can they'll run you over you can catch the football he can pass block there's nothing that that caught that guy can do so I think that you guys will be happy with the player that you guys got yeah I was gonna ask about some of the other tools how much did you use them in the passing game which is for the first year I got here you know you had twenty five thirty catches first year this last year you got about twenty eight catches so we got a chance to start going on the ball and get on the ball and space so a decent amounts are running back but I think that he's got a window of opportunity there to get some more passes at the next level and and do something in free space we're with comic Donald Utah running back coach coach this we would we've been talking about other bills draft picks all week and a few of them declared early and left now Zach came back for his senior can you talk a little bit about that decision and and why he felt he wanted to come back for another year at Utah H. R. as he was a family decision you know first and foremost I want to get his degree the one to graduate there that meant something to him second I think he wanted to become an all time leader in terms of rushing yards and touches the champs I think that was something that was also important to act so I think those two things will weigh in on his heart and I think that's why I came back because we also lack you want spinach out with this class we are sorry a minute catch up there we I'm in in hearing about Zach and reading all the scouting reports the forty time did not have great forty times at the combine can you address his does he have the breakaway speed is a is a a forty time that you know he had to combine is that a problem at all what about the speed portion of his overall game Jack's basket forty time I'll tell you that right now she came back and ran a four five two which is over a decade under what he ran so exact exactly Saskatoon and what he ran at the combine is just what he read that day but when you're talking about football is football players you know we this is not correct you got your mat running background to break tackles you have to be elusive before you even get going there's a toughness element to the position and he's got all those things but Jack it's much faster than what what that forty time at the combine I was going to lead to did you guys chart like the actual numbers of broken tackles for him did you keep that stat with the number yeah we have that somewhere I don't have that all me offhand but it was a lot there was a lot so the other thing on ask about coach for let you go is you so you would have gotten to know him obviously very closely as his position coach a two part question the first part is how coachable is see what stood out to you in terms of the day to day workings coach to player with Zach thank you very very smart that that's a very intelligent he's going to be somebody that picks up the playbook pretty easily he's gonna be fun to work with because there's not too many can't deal so when you got a guy like that very smart to pick a place very quickly it makes things easier on a coach in a moment are you talked about you know when he was deciding whether to come back that it meant a lot to him to finish his degree okay Zack moss the person not Zack moss the football player what did you learn about him loyal Jack ma served very loyal person and he's a he's a family guy and we talk about Zack moss the person he is a very detailed and he's gonna make sure I mean that gives your office back here where I work so user is just a good person this is a good man good human being coach thanks for some insight into early out there mountain time so thanks for coming on with us today have a great weekend thank you you bet Kyle McDonald is running back coach university of Utah talk about Zack moss and we will get a break and guess what extender sports on the way got some stuff that you might want to check out things to watch this weekend in terms of sports I went down to Utah football rabbit hole during that conversation I was looking up so I don't talk football rabbit hole yeah yeah I want to get some stuff on Utah football they ask you I'm trying to think what what how X. extensive isn't even the word I would use what would I be able to if you ask me Utah football go Kyle winning him as their coach okay we talked at length about a former Utah player earlier in this show Alex Smith Alex Smith got number one overall pick from you could admire what a coach there then right or well I was coaching you could have used a Utah football player as an obscure bill the bills have drafted one player for notating really up mmhm and you know I think I would you think I would know that having looked through the draft it'll last for this is obscure but I remember the name university he was on the bills he was a defensive tackle a Utah taken in the sixth round life Larson no he he blocked a punt in a preseason game Alex and their intent no Utah state now follow a stop pay yeah I remember the name okay right yeah and then that rabbit hole led me to an article about a volley separate because it's going to try and find clues for you about love always separate how that led me to an article that referenced how he was going to play next to another obscure bill defensive tackle drafted the two thousand to draft out of Colorado in the clue I want to give this guy is when the bills decided they wanted to get really cute they put this defensive tackle in at full back a couple times well I feel like I should know this defensive tackle at a Colorado some skier Justin Bannan yeah I know what would be good I turn into an offense of linemen if in a full back ma'am that's a good question I remember Justin Bannan I should have known that I feel like we actually I feel like we would have like had him on when I was at empire there's something about either him or a family member there's something in my head about Justin Bannan so I'm not I I should have known that that's bad on me I do believe there's one current debt as it falls now to current bills but one other current bill that's from Utah on the roster starlet to lay yes a ute where will you what were they in before they went to the pac twelve with a black mountain west's what they were they were not there in the pac twelve now but they used to be a different conference and they moved where are they and you taught you know what city the university is located is in view I use in Provo yeah so I don't know how to log in you tires at Utah state one of them's in Ogden but there are three other I think it is a great step tonight in Salt Lake note Eric Weddle is Utah guy okay I did know that Jordan gross was Steve Smith right wide receiver you Tanja Jamal Anderson the dirty bird running back yep I remember hill there's the the you tell us Utah has not a pro bowler in about ten years so Zack moss let's do it let's see it be nice where did you break did you find out where you ties I found out that university of Utah is in Salt Lake City and Utah state is in Logan Utah although some people in Ogden is there in Ogden Utah zip or is my feel like maybe that's been like an NCAA tournament basketball site there is in Ogden Utah about to the.

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