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Kelly Cuthbert, Blazers, Clemson discussed on 24 Hour News


Wilpon and new GM Brodie van wagon. It's a rematch of the rematch. Clemson and Alabama will be battling it out for the national title for a third time tonight. Both teams commanded this game. With identical record spam? Head coach Nick Sabin says the game plan simple think the players are going to have to focus on what's in front of them. In terms of trying to get the kind of execution will help them be successful in the game certainly play with kind of discipline. That's not going to give the other team opportunities. Because of whether it's Earls penalties things like that. That are even unforced times that could be an advantage to the other team Alabama ranks second in scoring offense while Clemson ranks fourth in the Tigers of the nation's number one scoring defense while the tide check in at number five Ohio State quarterback. Dwayne Hoskins is leaving school to enter the NFL draft Haskins projected a first round pick could be the first quarterback selected NFL news. The jets interviewed former Colton lions coach Jim Caldwell today as they continue their search for Todd Bowles replacement gangrene set to meet with buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd monk in tomorrow and USC offensive coordinator cliff Kingsbury, Monday, the NBA locals are both in action tonight. The nets have won twelve or fifteen and at twenty and twenty one they'll be looking to reach the five hundred Mark they tip off against the Celtics in Boston coverage on WFAN begins at seven fifteen and after snapping an eight game skid with Friday nights win against the Lakers. The Knicks will try to make it two in a row when they tip off against the blazers in Portland sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Erica herskowitz ten ten wins. Sports, though, the ID the woman in the blue dress photo bombing everybody every star actually last night's Golden Globes wearing a deep blue evening dress. You saw appear with Idris Elba and then Richard Madden. And then Nicole Kidman and Jamie Lee Curtis and the list goes on and on later revealed that Kelly Cuthbert that's her name. She's a model based in LA was the brazen publicity house much of the time posing with the trae bottles of Fiji water. She didn't just stand there nonchalant. Oh, no. They say she actually made a point of staring right into the cameras if it was there for her grabbing the global spotlight and she did at the start of the night. She posted a picture of herself, in fact on insta- with the caption, not the worst way to spend Sunday Aztec Golden Globes. A the pictures went viral, including a host of memes and even a spoof Twitter account. Somebody says you'll probably make the daytime talk show soon. Maybe even get a job with Fiji PG is mad the company later tweeted in fact, oh, we're so glad everybody's talking about our water. Wins. News time six seventeen. When I had my brother, take me places. It was always like we have to get there early. So I can smoke a cigarette before we go inside pain. I'm a little sister doesn't stop.

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Kelly Cuthbert, Blazers, Clemson discussed on 24 Hour News

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