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An S. T. now broadcasting from from the underground command post the files of a hidden somewhere on deliberate can steal of a nondescript building we once again made contact with the leader of the the end you have there which I have made contact with their blood you know bald head pitcher for the great what mark will bid again don't miss a show Sunday on fox eight PM eastern time life liberty within interview and Bibi Netanyahu this week that's going to be just outstanding as we always expect Marcia was just fantastic I don't say that because he's a friend I say that because it is bad and you don't want to miss set your DVRs that are this and get back to it folks this three way in the area every president George and you got an outsider pick you got a safe pick and you got a radical pick the Democrats have phonies leading all those lights Biden's not safe Bloomberg's not a safe pick Bernie's of fraud and booted judges no outsider but let's get into Bernie a little bit I am getting a little bit tired I'm actually tired of getting a little bit tired of hearing people on TV even from our side of the aisle say well you know what I may have even said this a long time if I have forgive me I take it back fully I'm not sure I did but if I did I retracted fully you people say well dirty at least these authentic no no he's not authentic Bernie is a tier one grade a fraudster authentic he's the biggest fraud in the race with his millionaire billionaire routine you're the calls are all your problems the billion if someone said to be a second I that that plays on Saturday Night Live like if you ever seen the two over in the same spot they may be the same person maybe an impersonator that's really Bernie that's why they're so good this is a fraud listen to the Bernie Breaux's listen to the show I get you want change you wanna like what is is that rage against the machine you know you want to like I get it you wanna you know some great big festering neon distraction was that toward some want to wash it all away I get it you've listened to too much job music your your radical you want to change things great I personally think freedom and liberty is a sexy thing to fight for if you think totalitarianism of socialism is do you do you all do me what ABS but your way way off base if you think Bernie Sanders is authentic he has spent his entire life rarely screaming and whining like a child against wealth accumulation evil millionaires and billionaires capitalism advocating openly for socialism in many cases as I showed on my show earlier clip advocating openly for the Soviet Union they're wonderful I went over there they help puppet shows I'm not kidding I played the clip early they have puppets and transportation stations and they're really clean have you not been to a communist country that's what they do with their central districts to show off the people they get slave labor to go with if you don't build their train station to make a clean they kill you and then they have actors and people ask for people to put on these plays get if you don't do the acting head spent they'll shoot you would kill you you don't know how communism works but it was a great show they have puppets up it's he's on a clip years ago talking about how he loves the Soviet Union because they had great plays a puppet shows up I'm not kidding I'm not messing with you the clip.

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