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Dick Butkus one of the bears best players of all time the Chicago bears was done with this scene and he's walking down the street and I had my little Chicago bears hat on and my friend who was electrocution had a green bay packer had no. Now you know being from Chicago, you hate the packer rare packer fans eight their fans. So me and my friend Max we run up to Dick and he sees me with my bears hat on he goes you find you get out of here he was talking to my. Boyfriend Max left and we were We must have talked to him for like fifteen twenty minutes and that was the highlight of my career is needing. Oh, that's so cool. In and where you only have trailers and posters to judge a movie Jim and Ted Strike Out to answer the age old question, will you see it? The. Good evening it is episode one, Twenty, eight and Ted and his family are traveling across the US on a road trip back to DC where they originally from. So tonight, instead of Ted I have Frank Monaco who works for Warner Brothers studios with us. Frank how the Hell Aria. I'm doing good. My cousin. Yeah. Frank is my cousin by the way and we. I told him I said, hey, how about you trying to on the podcast and you know kind of take the place spare everybody another replay. So you have a stella you said tonight, right to be dress I have a stella. Right so still I don't know if I've ever had a stellar on this show says Belgium Belgium beer. My wife got still is good I like style. This is a good logger. A firestone Union Jack and I don't know I might have had the sun the show. But after one, hundred, twenty, eight episodes who the hell's counting you know I can't keep track a lot of beer my friend, a lot of beer. For Beard's we try to do a different one every night, but I'm probably going to start running out of him after some point. All right. Frank. We got you on the show tonight and every once in a while we do some industry interviews we people on who work in the industry in different realms and everything we've had trailer editors. We've had audio people we've had musicians we've had directors and producers. We've had a lot of different people on the show. So. Give us a bit of a background about what you do where you work how long you've been there and you know anything else. You'd think people would enjoy hearing about you your job and and you know we could get into some fun stories and after that well, I've been at Warner Brothers studios for thirty years. This is my thirtieth year. Wait thirty, thirty years. They don't give people that much time for murder. Thirty years and I actually in the summertime I keep everybody. Cool. So we take care of the stages we take care of the office buildings we take our sound stages I I did Ellen for like ten years controlling her temperature I in the wintertime we take care of the heat keep everybody warm and that's what I've been doing for the last thirty years. Yeah and you've been I. Know You've been nights for a long time and that's like when people would shoot most often or yes. A lot of long hours Jim I worked seventeen years at night and I remember for example when. Brooke Shields had her pilot suddenly. Susan. On bring anybody remembers that show. But yeah, I remember that show. Yeah. So I remember they shot the pilot and then they wanted to recast one of the actors it's been. So long I don't remember but I stay two weeks till six in the morning. A Lot. That's one thing about working nights in these shows you're gonNA. Stay a long time with brick shields the one in like blue lagoon the. And Blue Lagoon she was. Married to a Agassi the tennis player. Okay. And I remember seeing him a lot on the stage always had his tennis racket in the stage. It was funny. He always used to swinging inside the stage while she was shooting was. The hitting hitting a ball just swinging it no wants a hit a ball. He was just swinging. It is practicing I. Guess that was like in his prime I. Guess. Yeah whenever you need to I guess it's like a gull for just dislike shoot blanks, golf balls or something you know exactly but no, but he was he was really cool and. One thing about working in, Hollywood, is you work a lot of hours, lots of our. Our friends and West Wing and they'd be there to four or five and Gilmore Girls I. Mean I was there to four or five in the morning every single night especially like well, for example, if they have a call time at six on Monday, two days going to be eight o'clock and then Wednesday is going to be ten o'clock and then Thursday's going to be you know noon and then Friday comes and their start time is to always do fourteen hours usually. So, I was there like every Friday I knew was there till four or five or six in the morning? And the actors and everybody there the whole time there the whole time. To work harder something and it's like a hard work. Well, it is. It is very hard because I remember once Gilmore girls were shooting. So I went over to my buddy and he was a sound engineer, the sound mixer at the time and I said Hey much longer got goes we'll be done eleven o'clock. So I go over there eleven o'clock he goes now we're still shooting I ended up staying till five in the morning. One of the actors couldn't get his line and it was very basic line and I remember he. Producer. He goes. Okay that's it. We're done just printed whatever it takes. That's good enough. We're going home I was there to five in the morning they're supposed to wrap at ten thirty. In the morning. That's good enough. That's what he said. He was just so fed up because it kid couldn't get his line I mean it was like and everybody on the show was really getting frustrated and they said that's it. That's enough. I mean, I'm like craft, service and food and everything is going the whole night. Oh Jeez Jim off while let's see friends used to ship in a while when friends had their audience. I think it was on Friday or Thursday it's been so long but they would ship in philly cheese steaks from. Chicago Chicago like pizza from. The. They had the best craft Sir I mean I'm not exaggerating I. Eat like a king go in there. Oh has some food Chinese food. philly cheese steaks You you'd be surprised what kind of food they had some of these shows and this is friends. This is friends Oh man, and so the main reason you're staying so you can help shut down the stage at when everything's over is with the heat and air conditioning. Well, you gotTA consider though With the middle of the summertime, these stages with these lights before they had led lights, they didn't have led now they got led lights that run a lot cooler than the old lights used to run. But yeah, those stages the gut to one hundred degrees if the air was a non Oh man because of the lighting. Yes. Because of the lighting I'm not exaggerating wow. Yeah it they'll stages got hot. So we would have I'd have all the pump until they were done. I couldn't leave until they.

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