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Happening. Possible increases to the state's real estate excise tax had a lot of debate happening in Olympia today as we hear from northwest news radios, Ryan Harris. House Bill 1628 would do a couple of things, including authorizing a local councils to raise their real estate excise tax or REIT without a public vote, but it would also lower the sales price threshold to reach each bracket by $25,000, essentially raising the tax and add a new higher rate top tier at $5 million. Democratic representative Alex Rommel of Bellingham says people wait years and homeless camps for options. We need to build more supportive housing. This bill will provide us in our local government partners the tools to be able to build that housing. Republican at orca. The housing crisis is about costs. And if we address the cost issue, we're going to start fixing the housing crisis. This, those announced directions. The bill passed out of the house finance committee 8 5 with just over a week left in the session. Ryan Harris, northwest news radio. Shareholders of Amazon have a list of proposals they're looking for from the company at its upcoming meeting, according to the proxy statement released yesterday, shareholders have come up with 18 resolutions they like the company to consider, including items like human rights, climate change, executive compensation plans and employee retirement. The meeting will be held virtually for holders on May 24th. A dramatic drop in catalytic converter thefts into coma to tell you about. It's one of the many ideas pitched nationwide to stop catalytic converter thefts. Project katcon ID. What changed? Titus will Toyota and simmonds automotive agreed to edge the vin numbers on catalytic converters for nothing. Wendy had out Tacoma PD. And they were then provided a sticker that they put on the car that shows that their vehicle has a catalytic converter that's been tagged in identified. In the first three months of 2022, catalytic converters were cut out of 192 cars at Tacoma a year later, those first quarter numbers dropped to 56. Some people, they might be able to just replace it easily through insurance, but for others, it can affect their entire life. And with replacement costs in excess of $2000, this is a lifeline for some people. So it's still an issue we're working on. We will do further partnerships on the cat kind ID in the future, but we are happy to say that they are decreasing. A small deterrent going a long way. John lobert team, northwest news radio. Northwest news times 6 34, let's get a check on your drive now from the high performance homes traffic center, Natalie Melendez, how's it looking? Well, I'm looking at a problem in Seattle on south by 99. There's a lot of congestion from a vehicle fire blocking off the two right lanes at the first avenue south bridge. Federal wait to Seattle still some slowing. You're looking at a 6 minute delay on westbound 18. And central Tacoma is highway 16. Stop a good traffic from a collision at Tyler street blocking off the right lane. The support is sponsored by Domino's, Domino's new loaded tots are baked hot and crispy, loaded with cheese delicious pizza topping combos like Philly cheesesteak Cheddar bacon and melty three cheese. Get them while they're hot only from Domino's. Our next traffic at 6 44 And your forecast sponsored by northwest crawl space services, a beautiful sunshine right now, but please enjoy it while you can because the clouds are going to be rolling in tonight and they're going to be continuing to roll in through tomorrow and by the afternoon tomorrow we're going to have some rain that's going to continue through Sunday.

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