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Those early days if anybody did by the name. Harvey catching in colorado jones. Who always talk to me about being a professional and what it takes to be a professional and then we'll free and i live together. We were brothers. We still brothers. We had joe bryant there with us and doug collins and we all were young guys on the team so we all kind of talked in hung together. You wasn't real concerned about getting bars at that time and wouldn't know a whole lot of nintendo around. It was just like that little stupid. Tina's game where you slack the block up and down Remember that one. That was wasn't so stupid deon but it is also dr j. there. What was your first impression of him when you sign when dr j. came in with us dr j. came in as a class guy i mean he always had family with him and i got to know his kids. Real good memory birthdays and they'd bring me stuff for my birthday. He was a guy who would always tell you. Know what it takes to be a pro and we'd see him practice and after practice here around the try and we see. That was funny. So i got some federal. We just busting by the button practice. What do you want for. I gotta get better shape so he was always class and always a professional. When did the personality side of darryl dawkins the basketball player developed in. Why did it develop always at a personnel ever since high school. I had Low tron visualize in my mind. Everybody say oh man. You can't go right in their stuff. So i kinda put on the back side. But what i got to philadelphia and found myself on a team with jump into jelly bean bryant. We'll be free. dr. J. george mcginnis college hickory. I said let somebody know. I'm down here on the vince. I got in the game. I gotta dog a monster dunkin. And i call your mama and after that i got to get away and back. Bliss william gang the group your biscuit moving turbos sex funding delight in hispanic chiller supreme. I started having a good time. But i always enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh. One of the things. I know about professional. Sports is that athletes don't like to be shown up a certainly we see that in baseball. And i'm sure the same can be said in basketball as well. So how were you accepted in those early days when all of a sudden here comes this. This darryl dawkins guy that's doing an in your face be honest. Young good looking black man with a pocket full of money in the parking lot look alike a boat Always enjoy dressing wearing suits and stuff and now talking trash. And i'm built like a football play basketball solo. Some of the guys kinda was they resented me. It was like skiing coming in making all this money and not making money but as time went on they started to say. Hey that's just his personality. May he's cool. 'cause we would bump and bang with guys bob lanier. They've countless need thurman on sale we bumped invade with them guys and people think we don't like each other and after the game they'll see us go out there for being a bergen. It'd be like man. We thought you guys you like it. That's our job and that's what we do. What was his style of play back then. I remember watching nba basketball and it looked like to me. It was very Stodgy i guess is the best word i can think of. I mean how a lot more team oriented that time you know and and at a point you just didn't care who scored as long as you want. You know those you've got a chance to play. I mean Boss was great just team players and us icago and we played with team plans. But i we may have had on the team. All according to what a lot of people talk but We all get along pretty well together. Yeah one of the things that i know that in when somebody goes out and says something they always talk about the articles that can be put on the opposition's bulletin board. I mean when you said some of the things you said. What was the reaction from your teammates. And also what about coaches who don't like their their players to be kinda show off you know anytime. I was playing. Yes but during the time i was playing it was just saying. Oh you got a big mouth meant. He's always talking transient. I was wondering first. Original trash talkers but my teammates had gotten used to be talking from practice and for riding the buses and planes. I always talked trash. But now you got the young guy. Company talking trash and dunkin. Oh who've been around five or six years. They didn't particularly care for it. But they started to say you crazy man off the hook so and just accepted me as that trying to censor you and if so how did they always tried to tell me what to say and what not to say. See where to go where not to go. I mean the sixers at times to tell me that any got any. And i was saying louis ain't going over there to get drugs those i'm gonna give me a girl and come back. It can't tell me what what they're doing there and only went so i mean the referees. I curse them out sometime in and they they getting back at me was called him files on me never committed. What's the big man's mentality a big man mentality It depends on your coats jeans. Should we was a big man. Mentality is to run back. You gotta think runback blocked shots. Is somebody get beat. You gotta go ahead from. That's gotta be. I mean talent. Then i got to new jersey and stand up beck was a big man mentality. It's gotta be score. And he put a rule in anytime. Beat the guys down the run. The guys down the filler. Give me the ball and tell you the big man as always to help. I gotta blocked shots. I gotta rebound but not many think. Hey i gotta score. Listed team is built around. You hold on just a second very insightful. Chocolate thunder the name of the book. 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