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Cool court vision. It's first time ever using might want to check that out. If you want a different kind of look here at this basketball game tonight. Jamal Murray has shot clock is at seven he gets back from Robart. He'll pull up for three jumpers too. Strong long rebounded Jamal throws it back behind him. Over to Gary Harris Harris has a top of the key over the wheel. Barton gets a pick from Yokich those back to Yokich on the pick and pop his passes deflected. But saved by Gary Harris shot clock winding down. Harris gets down the lane late. Rebound comes down to Danilo Gallinari three pointer ties it up here. Gallow has it on the high right side picked up his dribble hands. It off to Tobias Harris Harris drives on Barton jump pass out to Beverly for three that one is good rebound tipped and then grab by will Barton. The nuggets and get the rhythm again here. Barton Allieu download a Millsap kickout three wide open Harris short. No, good rebound down to bomb. But he's fouled by Millsaps from behind. Great job boards. So far. He really really is cleaning up off. I mean, he's got a couple of offensive rebounds. That one obviously was foul. But he's. Contributing ways that maybe don't come up as much on a stat sheet for this nuggets team true people were thinking about okay, how is he going to be incorporated back into this starting group? How's it gonna is? He gonna have to rebuild his his relationship with Yokich on the floor. It's been pretty seamless so far he once again has it shot it well or did he in.

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