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For the first time, it's a blast. We'll see you there. Okay. Howard schultz. John went on a non grata when you heard the news when you Seattle for a long time. And now had seems like perhaps across the country. We'll see we'll see. So for people who might have missed this Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO says that he's considering running for president. I why did they have to do these multi-stage rollouts I test the market. Okay. And he's got sell some books. That's right. One of the best tweets that is for cash. Exactly somebody's the book is called from the ground up. And somebody said clearly it should have been called from the ground up. Got to grow. Maybe that's the problem at any rate. John you had a very specific reaction when you heard the news that Howard Schultz was considering running for president for sop. This isn't this isn't a big surprise. He's just formerly coming out now and saying that he might be considering note, he is considering he's Concetti might might running. Correct. You know, hey, I'm from a couple of schools of thought on this. It's a democracy. Anybody should be able to throw his or her hat into the ring if they feel compelled to go in compete for the presidency. So Howard Schultz more power to 'em to launch in there and see what he can do. That said I mean, if you wanna get into the personal personal politics of it. Howard Schultz would not even win. A city council seat in Seattle, let alone on a national basis, and there are several things that actually actually struck me here. We're based here in Seattle were part of the coastal elites if you will. Or however, you want to call it, you know, this, and I think Howard Schultz is a product of that born in New York grew up in New York has lived much of his adult professional life in Seattle. He's a product of the coasts, and my personal opinion is this next presidential election is not going to be won by people who represent the coasts. It's going to be the heartland my home state of Ohio, it's going to be people that can identify with the problems of people in Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in Indiana, an Iowa and the upper midwest if you want to win the presidency, thou those are the people that you need to convince and I don't think Howard Schultz is that person. But maybe he obviously believes he is he believes that he can not only win it or at least contend, but do it as an independent, and it was interesting. Jay inslee. The other person from Washington. State who's considering a happens to be the governor? Yes. He came out and said that was reckless of Howard disagree with that. I mean, I think it's a democracy in any. And there's no reason that we have to have these two gangs of Republicans and Democrats as the only people that are competing for this office. Now, do I think it would potentially screw things up for the Democrats. Yes. Do I think that's a problem given the current political situation we have yes? But I mean, it's it's I don't think there's an reason why our Scholtz shouldn't be able to to do this. Now, some may say he can only do it and only run because he's been able to amass this massive fortune that allows them to do it not no ordinary Joe or Jane can go out and decide they're going to be an independent candidate. And actually have a chance of winning. What do you think of the fact that it's Inslee and Scholtz of all the people who could be running from you might say going on this because this was this was we were talking on our slack a little bit about this. And this was actually. A column idea that I threw out there was with all the great people from Washington state, and there are many why do we have these two that are potentially representing? What's what's your problem with these? I mean, they're both. I think they're genuinely decent people. But they're not my first choice of people. So I would like to see step up and serve our country and lead us out of the morass..

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