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Ladies and gentlemen woke up to sam roberts rustling up gaps introducing your host from new york here is sam well worse tis the season it's finally here the last sam roberts wrestling podcast before wrestlemainia well the last episode i would keep an eye on the podcast feed as i may have bonus shows going up this weekend i'll be doing interviews down in new orleans i'm leaving for new orleans twelve hours after i record this tomorrow right after the jim norton and sam roberts sirius xm radio show i'm going to go do my morning show and then i'm gonna get on a plane and i'm going to go right to new orleans i'll get into my entire wrestlemanias schedule and all the didn't tales during the bridge segment after the interview segment this week on the wrestling podcast but we're going to be all wrestlemainia weekend here this week on the podcast this is the show to listen to just to get yourself all pumped up because i'm pumped up i love doing stuff like this because we're here you know we watch the build for a show like this and for me like you kind of watch and critique as it goes week by week did they do enough there did they do enough here should we have gotten more on raw with the undertaker should we have done more this why was this segment last why did they but now now we're days away all the go.

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