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Really want to work on your cool thing but you know i gotta get through patching all these machines and it's going take the rest of today and tomorrow so you know shaving shelvin coleslaw into rubber boots tag. Thanks for sharing that. Thanks guys bye bye. I went to a musk. Ox farm outside of anchorage alaska. And i'm just i know they're not the same animals. Nobody needs to correct me on that but but boy just imagining shaving. One of my little. Gillette what a great expression we'd love to hear about the language in jargon from your workplace so call us eight seven seven nine two nine nine six seven three or share your stories in email two words wayward radio dot. Org this shows about language seems to family history and culture stay tuned for more away with words home support for way with words come from jack and caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're to a way with words the show about language and how we use it. I'm grant ferret and martha barnette. There was a time when william shakespeare wasn't william shakespeare. There was a time when he was just another little seven year. Old going off to school. So what exactly was he taught. And how did his schooling shape the writer and thinker. He would become a wonderful. New book called how to think like shakespeare lessons from a renaissance. Education has some answers. It's by scott new stock. He's a professor of english at rhodes college in memphis tennessee. New stock says shakespeare never had what we think of as english classes. Those wouldn't come along for a few hundred more years instead. Shakespeare's grammar school in stratford was conducted. In latin he was schooled in compelling stories from ancient sources. He was taught to take apart study and imitate the language of the greats. Who preceded him. He was educated in the art of disputation of taking one side of an argument making the case and then taking the opposite position and doing the same sorta like to be or not to be and it was that regimented curriculum. That led to the bard's creative achievements newstalk shows. How many of the educational practices of shakespeare's time actually nurtured the mental play and creativity and freedom that later flourished in shakespeare's writing and he goes on to describe. How even if your classes aren't in latin. You can still adapt those approaches to stretch and hone your own mind. He insists that education must not be just accumulating data but learning the craft of thinking a craft that can be taught like any other. He writes learning to think. Means picking up that feel akin to a baker's awareness of the consistency of dough. A doctor's gentle pressure on the patient's body a sailor's hand on the tiller and grant speaking of craft one. Aha moment i had while reading. This book was about the craft of writing..

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