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You know we're like pizzas never really that bad boy italian food is entirely a yeah but sometimes i've had italian food that don't like really yeah i've had italian seafood that i don't like i've not had mexican seafood that i don't have yet cameroon's warner those shrimp those but i'll nam channel africa uhhuh oh what extreme oh i gu herro what's that extreme butts but whole extreme potholes never eat uh argues euro a true a tohp i would never even haven called extreme ho whatever talent there was bad foods that you they you buy off the shelf at your said supermarket say extreme on them yeah not extreme oh i buy american pal anyway over youth tagging about with dockers mexican food in general it's good sour cream on the taco jahorina i'll give you 100 percent and actually get that the other night your sicko creep i ate a little bit of a ira had enough dairy with the but the cheese on um um but i did have i ordered mexican food from a seamless uh recently nieto delivery mexican food and it wasn't so i was done with it that i realise uh there was like a little thing a sour cream in there and i think that's why i got the tacos because i was like oh i have a little tiny think of sour cream i got a use it um so i did use it was enough sour cream for like a dial up a small up on three tacos.

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