Chuck Woolery, Web Page, Mark Young discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Track record not perhaps you remember a couple of weeks ago when we're told you about how you cannot i'm chuck woolery and his sidekick mark young they run a website ironically called blunt force truth hub there's a lot irony there so they're trending news section on that website is a it's in tow in every post on it is somebody else's so what they do is they go in the used to do the sas until we had this big fat fight they go and they copy paced the written work of someone else and when we say somebody else we're talking for everybody from breitbart fram daily caller from gateway pundit from us from other blogs who actually write their own original content then hey others to write and hate yes we have actual writers we had to writers who right original content we pay them they make salaries they make money we we pay them and other people do the same thing and so we had that's it's business called a business so they copied pace they don't just put like a little excerpt and say here the link to where you can read the whole post what they do is they copy and pace the entire post without seeking permission first they use it as their own and then what they were doing prior to the 23rd of november is putting an in active link as a way of crediting the original author at the bottom of each poster was absolutely unacceptable we were not okay with it and we threw an absolute tantary about it and told them to take our stuff down if they never asked to do that and and arrested and you know presumably they never asked anybody else to do that either right like so if i can imagine what's happening is they are in essence making and taking revenue from us and others just because they don't want to give proper credit they don't wanna do the actual work episode lazy they're lazy whether they're taking other conservatives work putting it at slapping and on the rampage slap in some ads on a web page and making money off of other conservatives and then they're doing it under the guise of conservative some because they're santa we just want to.

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