John Mccain, Arizona, Washington discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Monday, July 17, 2017


Tonight the republican quest to overhaul obamacare is held up because of a health scare senator john mccain's recovering at home in arizona after doctors opened his skull to remove a bloodclot we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we misin he's a crusty voice in washington plus we need his vote but before leaving washington mccain himself was on the fence about the healthcare bill right now we have no consensus the votes now on hold until mccain returns the delay his opponents of the bill more time to lobby against it does is delay make this easier or harder to get this done i don't know i do stone already two republican senators have said they cannot support the bill just one more no vote would sink the bill and by our count at least ten are still on the fence the president has warned republicans to get this done or else i will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset but i'm sitting waiting for the bill to come to my desk nervous has live on the hill tonight for us in mary how senator mccain doing any word of him tonight david it's still unclear when he will be back here in washington but his good friend lindsay graham just told us that mccain is already sounding like his old self but this was a real scare graham says before this surgery mccain was feeling really tired and acting forgetful but tonight he's eager to get back your to washington and back to work david bruce with this from washington as well mary thank you we turned out to the devastating moment of family of nine was swept away in a flash flood in arizona there was a warning but in their remote spot they did not hear it abc's kenneth moton era zona.

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