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This news is brought to you by fifty four newsradio he'll be i'm robert wood topping austin's news protesters gather at the state capital speaking out against the separation of families at the border texas state senator jose rodriguez represents el paso says he supports those who want to close down the tent city and tornado that will continue coming out here until we shut down this place by moving the kids over to fort bliss that somehow we're all just gonna go away well they have another thing coming they're gonna find out we probably will bring people from all over the country after the latest immigration compromise bill was shot down in flames in the house president trump told republicans to do whatever you want on immigration texas senator john cornyn says despite flak from democrats republicans are still trying to put together some kind of bill to address separated border families and gaps in the catch and release system but as low expectations from the other side and now it appears that the base of the democratic party is now advocating the abolition of immigration and customs enforcement in other words they don't want any enforcement of our immigration laws he says that stand is well outside the mainstream of american people's thinking eric like newsradio klbj he's county food bank is running out of food if we don't fill these shelves we're going to be coming back to about half of what an agency would get foodbank communications coordinator mallory best tells cayenne news that oftentimes donations drop in the summer but the summer is one donations are needed the most because kids are out of school and eating more meals at home and now the klbj radar weather partly cloudy tonight the low seventy four mostly sunny for tomorrow high water one sunshine patchy clouds one day i wanna two from the weather center i'm meteorologist john fear and i'm robert would get news on demand newsradio klbj dot com hey this is rob belan here as always glad.

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