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And we've just left with robots doing celebration dances in the end zone. We will never have officiating perfection now. The one against the Steelers was particularly egregious because a lot of times officiating mistakes, you kind of have to draw. You know, it's it's like it's not a totally symmetrical line between the blown officiating. Call and the outcome of the game usually have to be some detours along the way, but that play and that penalty almost assuredly swung the game for the saints. Now Steelers still had a chance to go down and tied. Juice miss Schuster playing wearing a Cape as a fantasy football hero for everybody. That hadn't still on his roster put up an ice game double digit catches over one hundred yards but fumbling on that final possession that costs the Steelers chance. And I honestly I would love to know from Steelers fans, would you rather have lost and be able to at least complain about. The officials is that preferable to that game coming down to a Chris Boswell kick in New Orleans with the game on the line because he's been rough this year he made some kicks in that game. I'm sure they would rather. Have the chance to win. But one way or another. I imagine Steeler fans. We're going to be unhappy this morning, but that game lead us to the Steelers week seventeen status being up in the air and the entire AFC north if you rewind all the way to Saturday the Baltimore Ravens who according to Peter King of NBC sports. The Baltimore Ravens are running the football. Sixty four percent of their offense of place. Sixty four percent of their offense of place or running the ball. They've got the number one defense. They're running the ball and historic rates. Lamar Jackson is five and one is a starter. And the Baltimore Ravens in Pittsburgh. Steelers are going to battle it out in week seventeen not head to head. But they are vying for the AFC north championship and a spot in the playoffs. So that's an interesting scenario because you've got the Pittsburgh Steelers are hosting the. Cincinnati Bengals an arch-rival of theirs. And the Baltimore Ravens are hosting the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers are desperately cheering for the Browns because playoff scenarios make for strange bedfellows. And that duo of games to me is the most interesting fallout of this of this weekend. But it's not the week seventeen Sunday night game that will be the battle for the sixty Indianapolis Tennessee winning. You're in Indianapolis goes on the road. They're seven and one in their last date, Tennessee hosts their six in into Marcus mariota, suffered another injury Blaine gabbert affectionately known as the gab man entered and saved the day. We call them the gab man around here because these he has to he had to have a superhero name because every stop that Blaine gabbert has made in his career people have believe, you know, what Blaine gabbert s-. I think blink ever might be good coaches. For an offices fan bases. Or somehow all convinced the Blaine gabbert was gonna somehow become the first round quarterback that he was selected to be and he never has been, but he's a pretty good backup..

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