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So i didn't say they can claim that can be income. Stroller whatever no emotion. They are emotions. That the best balkan that i can tell you did For trade the vulcan supposed- character is spoke father because when her mother dies he doesn't cry or editing. Is i like when i saw that. Didn't kerr valet at all. But he's because he's actually adopting. What sold was as the actual character. Balkans he's you know for starters is a full-fledged bulkin he's been doing this all his life since it was a young kid. I it's a lot harder for that. Is half human. And i don't know i want to speculate. That for ulan is actually harder because romance emotions. I might be mistaken here. But i think romney's emotions are a lot stronger than human emotions. Yes i mean. You said the seat to the extent that their mouths and takes them. What what did you think. I wanna hear your european i. I don't i guess. I don't know enough to answer that question. I mean there. 'cause they're an offshoot right. They're not they're not vulcans anymore. There are completely different race physically. Physiologically biologically yeah. Everything about him is different So maybe at some point like in their evolutionary tracked they. They aren't as intense emotionally. Like i i think the difference is they. They just embraced part of their. They just embraced a part of that emotional spectrum that just made the different like they reject logic you know and so in then you get kicked out of your planet right like well. You can't stay here because you guys are causing trouble to troubles. You gotta go so that a emotional backlash that pain. That wrongdoing suffered the ancient romulus they instead twists that into this untrustworthiness they just makes them slime balls. I mean really. I mean that's so they are they just you know they the whole Every eight backstab. Everybody they like. Klingons won't trust him will not only Klingons don't trust them all you know th they're just they're just they're they're even like warfield and says it like romulus air without honor so you have a very good. I never really thought about it that way. But derry sent men adds to that Did today or regional conflict. Because if you think about it they were once a raise.

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