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Very very impressed office off his his spring spring training spring cam camp ota's just finish screamingly sharp and obviously i don't i don't really pay too much attention to the the predraft breakdowns or if he was a bad team made or if he gets his head this that we don't know what type of quarterback you may get honestly because he's been with us the total opposite of what you hear from the media or you hear from outside people you know but the way he's able to grasp office right now and get guys and law right now is a very very impressed with that airports is throwing motion store emotion in his quarterback i q in his pocket presence and all that stuff is is is off the charts well i never seen a rookie come through it come on a team and do some of the things that he's doing patrick peterson pretty strong on josh rosen rosen coming out of course with a chip on his shoulder feeling that he should have been drafted a lot higher we will see how that works with the nfl peterson also says that larry fitzgerald he hasn't done thank you depends on or how the season goes far as how his body feels but my gut feeling i'm saying is not as well as she because what you never know how the year goes but he just he's planning to well you know at this at this point of his career you know you normally see jazz who get past that thirty thirty two thirty three marty starts to decline just seemed like larry just standing that on that steady pace to where actress name a history on wednesday we got teams in modern times like almost every game he's breaking a record like pie guy how much longer do you wanna do this day man you know i'm never fooled my guy i'm never full so i could see him plan another year but it also depends on how his body hose up throughout the throughout the season tyrod taylor jarvis landry tell me how he looks amazing leadership is all after she he's ready man he's a starting quarterback games i'm sure that this is the hugh and you know office established stuff like that i'm sure they've been how the press with what he's done throughout the no turn kitman campo yes and jarvis landry from the nfl network talking about tyrod taylor bill o'brien from the network talking about the shawn watson he's come a long way obviously bill o'brien that's enough quarterback killer that's enough hopefully when i wanted to shout watts it is be able to overcome bill o'brien show the texans don't listen coach just do you watch him am i right davis just do you don't worry about it let's do you come on coach quarterback amazing he couldn't coach up any other quarterback that played for that team they wanna give him credit for this shawn watson long way obviously that's enough you listen to the sp two thousand of the spf under the hood with jot so glad you're with us we turn out to a two times champion analyst for the big ten network in chicago zone howard griffith than he's with us here on espn one thousand the espn app howard jonathan hood thanks so much for your time i'm good man that's enough of that bill o'brien now that's enough of that i wanna hear i wanted to do him don't worry about it hard on a man who your coach i think he's a terrific i think he's a fine college coach yes what does he need to do to take the mic step professionally he needs he needs to step down and going to college next step i think you get tutor college quarterbacks i just don't on the nfl level how many quarterbacks he's gone through our that's enough as enough i want i want to shine to be able to win despite bill brian on the sidelines on and that red ass he's got over there.

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