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On the hanford nuclear reservation has been halted workers involved in tearing down a former plutonium processing plant complained they were being exposed to radioactive contamination the us department of energy says that during the past year forty two workers involved in the demolition have either inhaled or ingested radioactive particles federal and state regulators say the demolition is on hold until a safe plan can be developed a company stopping all nonessential activities and related spending on the trans mountain pipeline expansion project in berta bbc kinder morgan said sunday its decision to is based on the bbc government's opposition to the project which has also been the focus of sustained protests at the marine terminal the company says it will consult with stakeholders to try and reach an agreement by the end of may that might allow the project to continue canadian prime minister justin trudeau has insisted that the project should be completed and state very workers say the rental bikes you see scattered all over seattle streets are also being abandoned on board ferry's sailings from colman dock have been delayed or cancelled as a result in some cases the coast guard launched searches by air and sea for missing cyclist's when they found a bike rather that was left on board the ferry system will talk more about the growing problem today coming up after traffic and weather the passing of a local civil rights icon i'm corwin hake how he lobbied to rebrand king county one thirty four now time for an update on our aaa traffic with kierra jordan we're still working in a crash northbound i five at the river bridge it's blocking two left lanes and that has you just crawling right now from thirty eight southbound i five is distracted and slow from the fife curve also eastbound sixteen now starting to get a little bit bunched up as you're approaching i five are other crashes in mountlake terrace southbound i five near to twentieth it's been cleared of the right lane it's now sitting over on the shoulder but it's left a two and a half mile backup there this traffic report is brought to you by community transit community transit is hiring coach operators earn over twenty nine dollars an hour plus benefits visit community transit dot org slash drive for us are next komo traffic out one forty.

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