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But I wanna guys that had experienced a one guy. Is that I felt like had personality that could really develop because I knew that right away. We weren't going to go in and get the ready made prose, you know. Like when I was in Oklahoma. We were able to recruit and and get Blake Griffin. I mean, he was a pro when he walked in that we help them. Yeah. But he was already. I mean, there's some guys that are like that like Bagley and Carter and Tatum. These guys. I knew we had to develop. And so I wanna guys that I felt like that. We're really good at that. And then I wanna guys man that I could trust what the environment of of, you know, the climate of college basketball right now, I wanna guys man where I could lay my head down every night on the pillow and not have to worry about what's been done or has something been compromised. And so that's where it came. I was very fortunate to keep Jason Richards and to keep Brian Regan and also our strength coach, Gary Christopher they've been so great for us because they know this place read it, no it, and so it's it's it's been a really good group of men together. And and and I think we work very well together guys doing great job. I I gotta ask I mean like this big game going on in in Cameron this this weekend. And you had to say you Chen success that Duke sat over the last few years when you look at that team you play next week, and you see those young guys and you see sign and Cam and RJ and. Obviously trade. What do you think? I mean like as you're watching them, forget take take your preparing for for Duke hat off. Like when you see that thing emerging, what goes through your mind, cause I mean, you gotta feel a part of you, obviously that is part of them. What what goes through your mind? I'm happy for for them, you know, for each individual kid because you get to know him during the recruiting process, you know, with RJ in RJ's family. You know, I it was a lot of time on the phone with RJ his dad, you get to know him. You spend time with them you know, with with with Zion. I wasn't the point person for Zion or for Cameron. But I was I was part of it. So you know, you go seem you get to know their families with trae. I I've known trae since I think he was in like sixth grade, you know, one of the times we went to go see ties coaching. I when we were recruiting ties we went and saw trae play football game. And so I feel like I've known him forever. And I'm just I'm so incredibly happy for them each of them individually because I knew what their dream was playing college basketball and. They've all been terrific. I mean, not good. They've been really really good and to see how well they fit together. I'm I'm happy for coach. I know how excited he was. You know, when I was there last year when we were able to put that class together, and you know, John, and they did an amazing job, you know, of of of recruiting along with coach into see it comes together and to see them play. So well, especially when they've been healthy, they are incredibly talented. You know, they play really really hard. The freshmen have an amazing spirit about them. You know, they they have a competitiveness and their winters. And then, you know, it's it's really cool. I mean, it probably won't be next Tuesday. But it's really cool to see how well Jack y has played and you know, for him to gotten an opportunity, and you know, I know he's coming off a tough one. But he's played really well this year to see Bolden have some spots. And so look Duke. Will always hold a special place in my heart. It's my alma mater. You know, I tell people I committed to do when I was seventeen years old, and it's seventeen I believe in coach and forty three now forty three I swear by. And you know, it's it's it's they've done in the mazing job. They're an amazing team. And and you know, it's it's fun watching them it won't be fun coaching against them. But it's fun watching them..

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