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Burst through an almost instant temporarily disabled the boat nearly level with the waves. It's half waiting splashing crew trying hard to stop the gap bailout pouring water. Some reasons why we excerpted this section first of all. This is a very difficult book to excerpt from because it's got that kind of storytelling long winded this and annisten on that Now the reason why we went with this particular selection is because you get a little bit of the uncaring nature of Moby Dick Moby Dick here standing in for the versus nature See here The wheel wailed round present black forehead at bay but in that evolution catching sight of the nearing blackhall of the ship. Seemingly seeing in it the source of persecutions he cares about seemingly moby. Dick Cares about the boat much more than he cares about eighty have being so obsessed with Moby Dick and you see in that kind of miscommunication. Almost that there's real heartbreaking irony to it this is what Phoenix had to say. This is perhaps the most famous example of man versus nature in literature and also shows how man versus nature can reflect. Man Versus. Obsession with the whale is part of his own mental decline. That's a really reduced view of easily the most analyzed piece of American literature so enjoy. Enjoy indeed now. This was sourced from a website called. American LITERATURE DOT Com. It looks like you can get the entire book Moby Dick or though AOL on that website. If you're into some kind of high minded ocean shenanigans if you like the lighthouse go read Moby Dick Please. That is what we've got for you today. Three little vignettes of what man versus nature can be. Join US next week where we will be doing. One of our main episodes Phoenix will be back with me and we will be talking about the twin book to desperation which is of course Richard Bachman 's the regulators. So get reading on that we are going to be reading through Chapter Seven. Roughly the first half of the book. keep an eye out for many of the same characters and see if any of the themes interlaced with this. I will say having read the majority of the first half the book. Man versus nature features much less prevalent which is interesting given that they're supposed to be kind of Two sides of a similar coin as it were anyway. We can't wait till you join us. Then find us on social media on facebook on twitter if you enjoy the program. Tell One person you Ikea about it. That's our whole spiel. We'd like to thank Monica. Jen for doing our posters Michaela Fishman. Doing graphic design. We'd like to thank the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for all of the charitable work. They do in the state of Maine. We'd like to thank Tony Magistrelli. Michael Blue and for being some of our academic advisors would of course like to thank our mysterious archivist Bryant and we would like to thank you the listener. We will see you next week. Thank you for tuning in and Yeah..

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