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With no next day grogginess Z equal, pure sees naturally superior sleep. Kevin Brennan. WBZ is traffic on the three. Let's head over now to the four day WBZ accurately forecast a bit of a wet day out there. Let's go back now to meteorologist Dean Devore hiding and again. That's good morning, Nicole again. That's really dependent where you are, so the wetter areas will be south and east of the city. As we go through the bulk of the afternoon with this Basically, it's like ocean effect. Now that storm is spinning off shore, and it's kind of bringing that air off of the ocean over those areas to the South and east and they started just saw awesome. Flurries around Franklin and wound socket is you go south and west of the city. So some of those higher elevations South and west means squeeze that out too. And I think again these bands of showers may start to try to get back towards the city is that storm sits and spins east of us through the rest of the day tonight into tomorrow. Certainly the South Shore south coast in the cave will see more numerous showers. Rain and snow over the next 36 hours. That system should finally get out of our hair looks dry the rest of the week. Upper thirties low forties and it looks like it could stay drivin into the weekend and early next week is all the storms may stay well, there were South. Thank you, Brother, meteorologist Tina Board WBZ, Boston's whose radio We're seeing those showers right now over southeastern Massachusetts. It's raining and wear him right on the coast of Buzzards Bay getting over the onset, where it's 39 degrees, But you don't have to go too far North and West to find yourself in some snow in Carver in Middleborough, I also got a couple of snow showers popping up now just outside for 95 in Mendon and Hopedale and Going out there toward Uxbridge and whitens Ville getting over north of town. Pretty cloudy right now in Wilmington, where it's 36 right now, in Boston at 11 26 c. It's we'll call it Mostly cloudy and where 35 degrees time for New England business. Marlboro based Whole Logic completed its acquisition of Soma Tax Medical Technologies of Germany. Hologic says the $64 million deal increases its portfolio of women's.

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