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Roadways across America to hospitals. Coast to coast more with WBZ s or CBS is rather Moola linking across the nation. The 1st 500,000 doses were delivered and carted into sub zero freezers from Madison, Wisconsin. It's important Yeah, because so many people have died into the arms of Frontline Workers. Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana on Hartford, Connecticut, some at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center were overcome with emotion. I think it was just noting that finally something has happened good in this year, and I'm gonna be the first person to be the recipient of it. 2.9 million Fizer Doses will roll out this week with an additional 2.9 million next week and here in massive Since it's the first as 96 year Old World War two veteran Margaret Claessens becomes the first of a patient to get the vaccine. It happened at the Bedford via Meantime, to Medford Thanksgiving celebrations get the blame for a Corona virus outbreak that has infected some 700 gatherings at a local restaurant and at a private home they suspected sources. There. And this is going to be the worst Christmas ever or one of the worst new poll from Suffolk University and the Globe finds more than 70% feel that way. Christmas by the way, a week from Friday, it's 803. Let's take you out to the roadways. Now is we check traffic and weather together as promised. Every 10 minutes. Laurie Grandi is up first with a look at the Subaru Retailers of New England, all wheel drive traffic on.

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