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But he could act. Nice luke also analyze some of the facebook post that autumn wrote. He says the one where she refers to not caring about what people think and doing what she wants shows that she actually was really concerned with the opinions of others that combined with the handwriting analysis. Also offer some more clues. And i'm sure a lot of people would say oh. I don't believe you that you didn't know you shake in the previous a baby previously or that. He had a criminal record or spend two years in prison. A lot of people would probably be saying that tour and she's really concerned about how other people think about it. specifically she was say not stress or worry about what other people think of me and choice. Making 'cause i know what i'm doing see that she's very driven by what other people think that makes quite fragile in her. Handwriting shows impulsivity and the probability of acting on the impulsivity. The lean of the letters. And then you have one letter in a word leaning even further especially the d's. That's an impulsivity andy trait. I was kind of surprised by this. But luke said that facebook posts are actually a really good source of information on an event or person state of mind. Because he says they're usually uncontaminated and what he meant by that. Was there closer to train of thought writing. That's just unfiltered. It's usually not very considered or careful and it's in the person's own words with no prompting from anybody else. It is right what had happened so they didn't have time to think about it or think. About what about how they're going to they're going to say. And that's exactly the opposite of what we got from the interviews. The detectives conducted with tyler woes. Negative about the interviews was the detectives doing most of the talking. Almost all of it and you actually want the subject to to give you eighty percent of the language. You don't you. Don't want to interrupt them. You don't want to you. Want them to tell you what happened without prompting them because as soon as you prompt them you've added language of your own and they can tear that language back and it makes the deception easier for people a yes or no question is easy. Wanted deceptive on is only to say one word and be deceptive. So it's less stressful at the end of the day. Luke says that he believes based on the evidence he's seen it's more likely that autumn took her own life but he's not absolutely convinced and he does think more investigation should take place before making a determination now. We have to turn our attention to that tripod in the tree. Near where autumn's body was found based on the documents we received from seattle police someone at the scene not sure if it was the medical examiner's office who took the photo or the officer in charge but the tripod in the tree was photographed but not gathered as evidence and not fingerprinted autumn. Sprint kimberly has a theory about that. Tripod a fact that she was there to get gear church back day she would have to have now whether or not she would just have her phone on record so she could get just his voice home or was she sat her phone on a tripod. Cheery toward the entire thing. That was my train of thought like if she was going to get answers that navy. That's what she said to me. She must've set up purchase or her phone on the tripod. Someplace to where it was kind of hidden and then she sat down on the bench. That's right there with the kimberly isn't going to let it in there. She's working with a dive organization to see if there is a camera somewhere in the mucky waters of green lake. There are a few obstacles that they're trying to work through to make this happen like figuring out the best timing for a dive getting permission to search the lake and the safety of the divers. Because apparently there's quite a few contaminants in that water as well so we don't yet know when the search might happen but this is exactly the kind of thing that will lead to conspiracy theories all of these unanswered questions. So kim. we've talked about this many times. How talking with autumn's family during this process has been extremely extremely difficult. Yeah but when every stone isn't turned over in an investigation it just takes this huge toll on a family and things that may not mean anything. Take on a huge significance. Let me give you an example. James autumn's dad during his interview with detective garcia. It was his very first. And i think only interview with him was like I think it was on september third so just a few days. After autumn had passed away he he basically told detective garcia and made a point of it that she never wore tennis shoes that she always was into where like ballet flats and and nanna remember earlier in the embassy said that she loved wearing those ruby slippers and and until she was up until she was in high school. So that was suspicious. To to james and autumn's nanna replace the fact that she was the one who suggested that autumn gopher a walk that friday it just it was like this horrible nightmare. It was like a bad dream. You can't wake up from and then remember. Janine autumn's big sister says that she tried to protect her little sister. I was always the hesitant one with anything you do. You know this guy. How well do you know him. Don't get too attached to soon. You know you're such a good big sister to get hurt. I tried i know you ride and it was always what she didn't wanna hear like. I know i know what i'm doing and i'm like no you don't you. Don't go on it. Just this exchange. With janine now remember i was talking to her for like an hour at least in this interview and i've talked to her many times and it's not the only one i mean. We really developed a relationship with his family. I mean you in particular have been the point of contact for them so you've had a lot of opportunity to really get to know them. Yeah and it just really the bond between autumn and her family although it wasn't perfect like none of our the bonds be perfect. But it's so relatable. It was so relatable to me that janine just had this overwhelming protectiveness for her little sister and tried so hard and was just so you know. She's just so devastated. You can see it in those facebook posts where it's like you know. She's thinking of her little sister. And and it's just. It's just heartbreaking. This exchange with janine. Kim was like a gut punch for me. I had already read this post from autumn that i had found on her facebook page. When i.

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