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Today's sales leaders face a difficult task selling the right products at the right time through the right channels a new three day program from harvard business school executive education addresses this problem directly join us on the boston campus in august for managing sales teams and distribution channels where you will discover strategies that can lead to the best sales performance learn more by clicking the banner or visiting h b s dot me slash sales that's h b s dot me slash sales we're talking today with dr michael caca vick from the issue wexner medical center this is women's health week and dr kaku vic thanks for joining us and what what are some of the issues that you would like for women to think about this week hey good morning i guess the biggest thing i think you can put women's issues into two categories pregnancy and and non pregnancy or joann i think that as far as pregnancy goes one of the issues that's facing us right now is that a lot of women possibly aren't getting the care they need because there's too much emphasis on the fetus the care of the fetus and one of the thing i tell my students and residents that i work with is the most common cause of fetal death has maternal death and i know that sounds like a dramatic explanation but it's true i mean we have to take care of our moms we have to keep our moms healthy so you can't withhold treatment base the fact that she's pregnant you have to actually treat her as if she weren't pregnant and deal with you know if there is a consequence service to the baby the benefit to the mom outweighs their risk so i think that's something that's kind of coming full circle now in our discipline about not forgetting that the mom is the most important part of this quesion because if we don't keep her healthy the baby's going to suffer as well and you know the example this is with depression there's been some reports in the last couple of years about withholding antidepression mets to mom because they may have some affect on the baby.

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