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I have some good news for those of us who get up at Ozark stupid. A new study published yesterday found that coffee is not as bad for the human heart as previously thought you hear these it's good for you. It's free. It's all over the place. We don't have a choice. It's a real disservice for all these headlines to be all over the place because I never know what to do. So I just engaged with the vice well, you're going to be super super happy right now. Researchers at the William Harvey research institute at Queen Mary university of London mouthful said that they have debunked previous studies that claimed that drinking coffee with stiffened arteries. They say you can even up to twenty five cups a day. You're fine, twenty five five cups a day, you can get nothing done because you spend all day in the bathroom now. Okay. That's a good point. But I say this is somebody who drinks a lot of coffee. I drink a lot I drink way, more coffee than the average person does. I don't think I've ever drank twenty five cups of coffee in my life. I know not in one day that's crazy. If I've gotten up to ten maybe, like, maybe at one point my life that, that probably was a bad day for me like I probably had palpitation. Bad day bad for your heart. You can feel your heart telling you stop drinking coffee. If you drink that much coffee, they analyze more than eight thousand people in the UK, and they divided people into three groups depending on their coffee consumption. They said the study did not do this study did include people who drank two twenty five cups a day. But the average amount of coffee that the participant drink were five cups a day. I don't even drink five cups. I probably drink closer to five. But if you're, if you're have twenty-five cops do your face has to be under the coffee dispenser to drink. Twenty-five cups of coffee, the coffee brewed directly into your head. I go who's got time. I just don't have that kind of time. That's a fulltime job, to drink twenty five.

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