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Learn about the world. We're news talk, seven sixty WJR Detroit. Good evening eighty one degrees, Elizabeth Crenshaw WJR news the president went to an army base New York near the, Canadian border to sign a military spending Bill into law today but he made no mention of the man. Who was instrumental in getting this Bill through the Senate correspondent Steve Kastenbaum has more President Trump said he was at fort drum to pay tribute to the greatest soldiers in the history of the world as he signed. The more, than seven hundred billion. Dollar national, defense authorization act. You know I went. To congress I said let's do it we gotta do, it we're going to strengthen our military like, never ever before but he made no mention of John. McCain the Republican spearheaded efforts to get. The Bill through congress the measure was named after, the Senator the president did, talk about creating a space forces part of the US. Military our foreign competitors and adversaries have already begun weaponising space he. Said the US. Needs to catch up to. Pass those adversaries, I'm Steve Kastenbaum Nova By. Police are searching for a man who has considered. A person interest in connection with, the, death, of thirty. Seven year old woman at a Novi, Home police say the man thirty four year old Jaber net is the woman's boyfriend. He was last seen driving a two thousand five silver Cadillac DeVille with Michigan license plate bees e seven. Eight zero eight police say they found the woman dead around ten AM this morning when conducting a welfare check at the home in the twenty six hundred block of Indiana avenue at Novi by mobile home neighborhood the. Cause of, death is pending an. Op topsy, by the Oakland. County medical examiner's office. Authorities say this appears to be a domestic case and, there is no threat to the public a, fourth person has been charged in a growing probe of. Corruption at Detroit's big airport the man. Who ran former comb county public works Commissioner Anthony, Morocco's failed reelection bid has, been indicted in a widening probe of corruption at Detroit. Metropolitan airport Angelo Di Allesandro fifty four was charged with failing to. Report a felony he's Accused of knowing of wire fraud but failing to tell federal investigators the yellow Sandra was charged with a, criminal information which means a plea deal is in the works the sentence carries a three year prison term Anthony Morocco has not been charged with a crime Ken Rogulski WJR news four. Men are facing some serious charges tonight accused of luring Warren pizza delivery drivers to abandon. Homes and robbing them at gunpoint Deva McBride Brandon pope, Cortez on, Gumri. And Ricardo trice appeared in front of a judge today facing charges of armed robbery. And conspiracy, to commit. Robbery all for men told the judge they were. Innocent Warren police. Commissioner builds wire says success.

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