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I'll be on eleven thirty am to noon act on the fox news channel that eastern time jewish reagan will be hosting i'll be yapping talking about this that the other thing so ladies and gentlemen our show changes with the markets we've gotten you know when things show up when things go by the wayside we've got up go with it and when new things show up we gotta talk about and of course the big thing is this bitcoin crap and you know what thoughts are we don't believe it's a currency we believe it's just a speculative whatever froth speculation people betting on somebody else buying up whatever they buy there's nothing economic that back to that just our opinion other people will disagree and that's fine and dandy but so far we've seen nothing to dissuade us r a lot of criminals are already in far we're getting scam emails left and right up and down all around we have companies changing their name r t companies fruit juice companies are companies just starting up with nothing but initials we can go on and on and we could just say their questionable and you get to the side so let's talk price at the low this morning well let me let me backup there is an exchangetraded note that doesn't measure bitcoin price penny for penny sought has a premium has there were whatever but we still watch it because of the shows you the strength the weakness this simple g btc it was a thirty five twenty three thirty five hundred twenty three dollars on tuesday it hit 1100 and fifty five dollars this morning so fraud tuesday to this morning was down seventy percent and you deal with the problem with that is a ton of people only heard about this and got frost up as it went from 1500 3500 and they watched it go to 1100 today or sold in desperation just get me the hell out and you know how i know this i know this because i'm a radio guy i'm a tv guy up people coming up to me day in and day out i had a woman whose husband just died in inherited 500000 bucks asked me about putting it at the bitcoin i said all of it she goes yeah anyway atrox seventy percent.

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