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Has everybody's previous relationships didn't work out. That's why they previous relationships. So one, take that shit off yourself, sis. Yes, I've gotten pretty glow on the wine now. Someone put a lip. But take that off your shoulders because everybody's previous relationships didn't work. That's why they previous motherfucking relationships and none of them work, right? So don't give yourself that insecurity of like things aren't working out for me. Dating is like gambling, baby, okay? I play crunch. Okay? I come in with enough money that I'm like, if I lose all this money, I don't give a fuck, right? That's how you have a date, right? Like you don't give a fuck, right? I know in an hour, I'm gonna be hot for 15 minutes. And when it gets hot, just statistically. I bet I'm betting. I put my bets down, right? So that's what you're doing. You getting hot right now you like this person, so you put in your best style. You put your best out. What you're not doing is putting down several bets. I don't just play one number baby girl. You gotta play all the numbers, statistically, 6 is a good number to play 'cause you can get it multiple ways on the dice. 8 is a good number to play 'cause you can get it multiple days on the dice. You know, like a four, like what you're doing right now is you playing a hard four and you just rolling and rolling and rolling, hoping you won't get a hard four statistically baby girl, hard for it's hard to get. So what's your number? Put your money on more numbers. Go on some dates with some other motherfucking men. Go out there, have fun. Have a hot girl summer. Stop putting all your eggs in this one basket and see how he acts. Because right now, you're just betting on him. Betting on him betting on him. Let him bet back on you. And you see if you want to be with this guy, go on some dates. Put some more money down on the table because what's gonna happen is no matter what, you're gonna win more 'cause you're hot right now. So we are hot, you don't give a fuck about any of.

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