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Here are the kids from Wisconsin it was a good player but other than that there's not a ton of linebackers the that they went early to open early and after that did it there's not any that I was craving you know what I mean yeah that's I think that's honestly why Dave Gettleman addressed it specifically in head on in free agency I mean Blake Martinez is one of the I think it was the first signing for us in free agency yeah right and then and then he brings in fact role in in Bradbury in the secondary exit bribery might but first we had to be honest with you but then they were very aggressive in shoring up the holes in free agency on defense so what we wanted which by the way take rarely works it does very rarely work you're right but I think he has a familiarity with James Bradberry from his days in Carolina and his coordinator his defensive coordinator Lisa giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham was with the Green Bay Packers and so background is best season under Graham the Packers Blake Martinez was drafted under Graham with the Packers so it's like it's like you're servicing your skin your your your coaches your staff like you're giving them what they want victim it's death if dexter Lawrence turns out to be the player you know if he's a first rounder that they expect them to be Leonard Williams you know his grievance not withstanding turns out to be a contributor the giants Stevens can get okay kind of pretty quickly but you don't raise the price still there right but yeah I want to ask you a question one one quick but I got I got a question for you would have a lot of time but I want to ask you this what is your what is your realistic expectation for the giants this year really what you got what five hundred be happy you know what I got thanks for the call they're bright I think you need to be a little more ambitious with that because I think a lot about senior living five you're not there yet we know that but you know to me night and seven PM in the periphery the wall corporation I don't think that that's off the table but I can't say that about the jets I cannot that's what I feel B. T. that's what I feel the giants yeah that's a position they look the division's gonna beat it watch it is going to be better you don't I mean just just because of the philosophy the mentality of of their their head coach Dallas should be better the Philadelphia Eagles were already good even like they kind under chief level they weren't healthy teak truth sets that mean the under G. but it wasn't it wasn't really anybody's fault the division is hard right so if you go like eight eight actually a horrible I mean in in ninety seven which is not where I think they're going to fall in yeah the we'll see how the rest of this draft plays out I think that's that's the progress that you need to see and we'll see if Joe judge is no nonsense this quiet like like confidence and didn't this demeanor this this this this dump that I feel when I'm when I hear him or look at him I think it's a good thing for this team I would I don't know if it's gonna play out this way but I remember an old jet fans were old enough to remember this you go back to I know it's obviously a point of reference it's a it's a horrendous period we get that but in the mid nineties will co type right in the greater points not about coach that it's about the giants here but just to connect the threat so they go free thirteen in ninety five they go wanted fifteen back in ninety six and that Parcells comes at a ninety seven they open up in Seattle that's the weekend princess Diana was killed in the corporation a member service coming back relax city heard it yeah that was the day before my first game as a giant home I guess eagles that night had that happened that night in the morning I woke up and we played the eagles first game young tiki yep and they play Seattle all right and they hang forty something on at the old kingdom and I'm like what my expectations I'm like a I don't know just the just the I don't wanna get embarrassed every week I got my real expectation coming in and right away you can see the other scores forty seven points but as the season progressed you could tell that they were very diligent on special teams fuel position which was more important than more so than now because everybody scores points for the most part now but the little things like punt returns and and endpoint defense or if your position and I really think that that Joe judge is going to have an impact there yeah special teams coach that is where and that's the kind of thing and listen we can talk about all the guys that they brought in we could talk about the injured Thomas and whoever else they want the draft in we could talk about the angel Jones and sake wanted sterling eleven anger more you want even Dion Lewis was a decent under the radar pick up about that all day the division if the giants gonna steal a game or two and they're going to get tonight at seven it's going to be because they're somehow elevate their special teams and I actually think that could happen for the giants this year no you're right look at we talk about this all the time with the pats situational football is why they when they put in they put S. S. a guy could be a superstar Tom Brady Julian Edelman rob Gronkowski or could be you know the the the the the backup tackle right they put him in a position where he has to specifically it's in a situation execute they always do it right and that's not just on offense and defense it's sometimes on special teams you know and so if you if you if you pay attention to the details it's amazing what happens in you know as much as I bristled with Tom Coughlin dates your body right yeah right because I'm the fourth best word I can find bristled with Tom Coughlin his details other reason that he was such a great coach like the details matter and in coaches that are caught up with the nonsense got there for you know they've they've had their head stuck in the been the place she'd like I wanted to call I don't wanna do here to force you to go over like if you if you focus on the details good things in generally happening in if I'm looking for co ever looking for coach that's what I want tell me about the details of how you handling those because that's that's what wins and loses football games okay eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six tickets you're here on the family get a break we'll come back we'll get some more calls will start to look at jets are up in a couple of spots you're still some good receivers obviously and you know if your is because I. S. style this color is bright you know what's a realistic expectation for the giants later I thought he was under selling a little bit and again within reason I think the giants are probably step ahead of the jets right now but at least what we're we're getting out of the weeds man like there's nothing more depressing than having no shot and at least you know it seems like for the first time in a couple years specialties offense of linemen pan out for both teams the jets and the giants or or slowly trudging in the right direction so get more calls eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six on a.

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