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Friendship groups are already forming in the prison. Let's break more tecom. Eight five five to four to seven to eight five and we are back after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast and we back great to have all of you here. We is in ohio good afternoon. Hey paul thanks for taking my call. Thank you and i want to say is these. These people were saying that texas and oklahoma coming into sec. Saying it's going to end these low thing rivalries either shortsighted idiots in my opinion. Because it's not going to in any of the old time. I'll do everything. They can't keep those in place. Plus it's going to reignite the rivalry between texts and texas And which i think was a slight six longest sixth oldest one. The nation could reignite or could ignite new rivalries between team. Just the best thing that can happen what these people are afraid of in my opinion. Is this going to create a power six. I mean that's our power three a grip of six and one super league comment. And that's what's gonna turn into your. You're absolutely right Late thank you for sharing. Good to have you on. Joe is up next in florida. Hello joe afternoon show. Thank you. I was going to have to come up with a new song. Yeah i hope. Taylor taylor is already in the in the in the studio working on But you can't do it. Yeah have to wait for them to get a start. The ucla uncountable fan. I'm gonna be some concerned about the oil impact on college. Football for teen not named alabama state clemson and oklahoma gonna leave. They're gonna leave the midst. Ucf the middle school I'm also concerned. That the expand clemson sal become a minor league the nfl to say the nfl is win college after. Do testable joe. I talked to a trustee today at a major school in a major conference. Okay and he told me he's he thought there was going to be just a complete dissolving of the current structure as we know it those schools that are serious and i know they all say they are but those schools who who are genuinely serious and we'll put their money where their mouth is about academics and and the fine line between student and athletes are going to throw up a blanket over this and they're not going to go along with it the situation with. Nfl is already taking us down one road but this is a completely different situation. I mean we're not just talking about money here. we're talking about billions you hundred and thirty schools. If one hundred participating thinking helps the ratings. I i think you know like it or not. I mean we are looking at a at a model that is going to resemble the nfl. The nfl has thirty thirty. Two teams and i don't think college football is going to have a whole lot more than that. Who are going to be a factor. We're talking down here. That's what i love about college. Football off the nfl. Out the way in state go into michigan and beat them. You know i mean. That's what makes yeah i enjoy. I will say that if you want to blame it on the sec. That's fine Great good for you. What's already happened in the month of july. What a month this has been has already affected everything that a lot of people traditionalist held dear or holding dear. I mean everything is getting blown up before our eyes. It's been coming for a long time. It would have would have gotten to it but you know the the absolute dearth of leadership in indianapolis it. It's it's it's abominable. I mean. I i thought about using criminal but i'm not sure that's accurate But it's with you. I just i just feel for the fans at texas tech and baylor and they're just they're just dry. They are and bayer one a national championship in basketball this year. That's great but the football in the idea that they're going to be all these schools are going to be able to hang and it's a little early. I mean you know writing history while it happens is necessary but it's not always very accurate. Hey thank you so much for the phone call is up next and say it ville arkansas. You're on the air. We'll take thanks for the call. This shows is been so good. Your your guest this last two weeks or do you in like a daytime emmy or what is it that you've you qualify for. Well i am so proud of what everybody here has done. Because you you live for for big moments when when you do what we do. This is a live show. You know we we we prepare. But you never know what's going to happen once. Three o'clock comes and it's been extraordinary and i give all the credit to the men and women on back to behind the scenes who are always working on the fly from the moment that that our producer hanner went and grabbed I don't know where she grab. Ross bjork out of but She dragged him up to the set when that story broke to right this moment it's great and i mean i'm hearing your Your your theme song in my head. When i wake up. I'm watching you so much. Well i pay And and the one thing. That's so interesting is we're we're a month away from the season and really for a week and a half. We haven't talked about single. And i know people are ready for that we all. We're already for that This has been the most exciting build up to a season or will be but I mean this is. This is a generational story here. No you're right..

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