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Heading into the city and again, really that lever connector is the toughest step we're seeing right now. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three North Atlantic States Carpenters union brings us the four day WBC. AKI Weather forecast Here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. All right. Some low clouds and some patchy fog in inland areas, especially if you get out towards the Worcester there could be a little slickness this morning with a smile, icy conditions with temperatures nearer just below freezing, but Near the coast. We're still okay. We're like 33 34 right now In the city Temperatures will come up into the load of it. Forties. Today the skies made trying to brighten a little bit in the clouds sticking back up. Rain moves in tonight Later tonight, tomorrow morning really heavy At times he could be some localized flooding roadways and poor drainage areas that rain tapers off the wind picks up And then we're looking at the temperatures to fall into the thirties. Real feels in the twenties. Tomorrow night cold and windy or colder feelings for sure. On on Sunday real fields in the twenties and low thirties most of the day with some sunny breaks, and then that cold Air six around in the next week, it's a little reinforced towards the end of the week. We'll keep you up today. Right here. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Mostly Cloudy has would come up on sunrise. Here in Boston 34 degrees. There's a reason the top builders in the North Atlantic states use union carpenters, in fact or three quality value and trust Bill your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters union visit nes RCC dot org's Morning 6 56 on a Friday here on WBC news radio. Spike Lee is the latest winner of the Lifetime American Cinematheque Award for his significant contribution to the art of Motion Pictures, the director of such films.

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