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On is is still be argued but of course now everything is online and i always a great fan of having sessions in meeting room ideally with whiteboards boards from the floor to the ceiling and move with furniture. And so on so. We have some a few of these rules in the company at workshops in these rooms have always been silver enriching so this of course was not not possible anymore so we met online and of course we are using white boarding tools and yet Versus yellow sticky exercises and so on. Mike pence is that you can go quite far with these tools as well but a bit. Maybe two things which are important. One thing is when you do this with people that you knew before it's much easier if they is already a trust base and building. A new one team is a bit more difficult now during the online times. Although i would say slowly learning to do this faster but in the beginning this was really tricky to be innovative with a new team. The other thing is in these. Creation workshops is a significant part of those who are that we had actually greg's Would go to the coffee machine and then we would stand by the coffee machine. An hour brains would relax because we're not in the room anymore. We end different context relaxing a bit and we have a chat and sometimes in the coffee corner the interesting the eskimo because we were just relaxing or we would meet because we would have been flying into one place for a couple of days in the evening we would meet in a restaurant. We have these kind of things. Don't exist anymore. And at the moment i feel that creativity is not as good as it was before. But maybe it's just that i'm still biased. To what's the old world and maybe it's just changing. So i'm still positive about it. And this is one of the challenges. I have been seeing. Yes i've heard this from many others. Also that why'd you switch from one context to another one meeting When deemed under you have at home in the same places and government doesn't change so it kind of imposes some probably mental blocks. So one thing i tried to do is table is not very organized. At all. india dissolve nation. It is a different organization. Everything every couple of is is things that are there something else or at least in the door. Do something else actually gives us slightly different feeling of being in a different that i can fully to say extending that now. You are also very active in the community. The professional communities one is. How have you gained from that. And blue bid this again limited opportunity for face to face at how that impacted so first of all i mean this whole thing started for me around twenty..

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