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Miss 39 25, You know, middle SEC school took a few years off because of that whole little scandal thing came back to liberty. Little. It wasn't. Yeah, I mean, you know, whatever. Big pretty big one, Yeah. Eight and 5 10 and one is two and already there right outside the top 25. Nobody's I mean, you're sees not afraid to gamble on somebody with, you know, a sorted past. I mean, they had Sark and had the whole issue is stark there, And I guess his issues were more wallets that you receive, but still personal. Come out sort of drinking and stuff. Yeah, that's different than I think. You know, Like indiscretions that are circumventing rules. You know, it's That's just a human battle that everybody can relate too. Versus. We can't have this representing our university. That's right. The kid will is a tough job. He started making Malik well, it started at Auburn. How big is he? Do you have his height? Yes. Six ft. To 18. He's only six. Ft, huh? Not that it matters. I mean calamari. Look at, um Baker. Look at Russell Wilson. A lot of these kids are small. That's right. Right? Right. Small. How is that a big kid? Right? Interesting. New days at the quarterback. Spot. Heartache are so by the way, did you? Actually I meant that, Did you? Were you in the same room with Zach Wilson or No? Yeah, Stature, wise kid, man, I told you He might be the best looking like young football player ever seen telling that I'm talking about like body hours and 32 minutes in the show to tell you, partner this like you've worked with for nine years structure, Body series shoulder hit like hips got thick, like Zach Wilson, Which that same guy talk about the quarterback of the New York Jets. He's a good look at them and got great hair. He does have great smiles like it smiled is infectious. I said that broadcast is just infectious. He is he just makes you want to like like him his first touchdown. He jumped into the arms of I don't think that was affected at that. Whoever jumped in, Yeah, they've been made in Tucker, but he's uh He's got great energy, but physically throws like you actually thought that he looked physically. He's a stud. Nice. And I loved it when his shirt ripped. Surely they kept it there. Yeah, And it's funny. My mind works to say Wait, his arms were covered. And then he was wearing like one of those tight fits, and then it ripped them. Like, Let me see. He's gonna tricep. So we got to meet that shirt. Little something, everybody all right? He's also a film junkie, man. They tell them they like Mike LaFleur was telling us. He has to tell him to leave the building. I heard that. You told that on Friday night. He was there until midnight. Mike, you got to go home, but we believe that these piercing blue eyes I mean, I'm not trying to date the guy just telling me it's got the point is he looks He looks the part. He looks the part. I love Sam Donaldson. Donald is cool. Yeah, but Sam Donald was so chill California chills different presentation. I agree. I agree. You know, I mean, I don't I don't know. Why was he? Caroline is perfect for Sam Dong. And I think they love him down there. All right, we'll see act. How are you, But what's going on? Okay. You know, said for Clay Helton, a very nice man who came on I on college football. Lot, but I think the time had come so real quick. You heard his throughout a few names. Uh, you did that show for 78 years here on the network every Saturday. Who do you think Who do you think they pursue? What direction could USC go? I'm going to throw it a wildcard Urban Meyer. Well, did you not just listen to the last five minutes of the show? He's got a darlin. He's got to dial into the show. He's got a dollars. I was on another station, so I apologize. So other than that, you know, there's not a guy that there's not. There's not a guy that it has, like ties to the Southern California area. So I think you're going to hear Matt Campbell from Iowa State him as well. Yeah, you know, uh, I think you're going to hear a lot of the same guys. I can't see them going with an assistant. I think it's got to be a proven guy. At this point. They've got to get a known commodity. A brand that is, Yeah, I'm with you on that part for sure. I'm listening. I'm reading this. This is I don't know if this is true or not, But you you as C has already spoken. To Bob Stoops Pops Stoops and is making a hard push. At Urban Meyer. Those are the top two choices. I'm telling you, I would not rule out Urban Meyer. I just wouldn't. I feel like it's going to be a quick experiment in the NFL. Maybe like Calipari with the Nets, although that was three years to be fair. I just I don't think it's going to end well in Jacksonville. I don't wanna lose. He's gonna blow a gasket that would set back the hiring of Older college coaches in the NFL. It will never happen again. I'm never happen again. Interesting, right? You're only get the mic the rules the rules of the of the college world into the NFL. They won't go back to these old coaches could be some collateral damage. If that's the case acts up, they will come back or wrap it up on a busy Monday give you thought on the Ravens and the Raiders tonight. Here's rich. CBS sports.

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