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We got seven fifty three on a little chilly little wendy northern colorado winters morning. I thought maybe. I would lighten this up for you just a little bit. I've been preaching to you about donald trump. Oh my goodness. I appreciate it keith. Wineman in keep as an old friend and just a great guy. He's the kinda guy you trust your money to. Okay just so you know all right good fell and i enjoyed that because i this this whole thing with what's going on with the stimulus with the president with let. Let's just mellow out here for a few minutes. We've got a little time sometimes People send me things that i think are kind of cute and soy. I thought maybe. I'd share these with you. Some thoughts for your day. All right. the devil whispered to me. I'm coming for you. I whispered back bring pizza. Think about it. Will the devil bring pizza. I don't know all right. So i'm in my heart out. Ours were stolen. My nose was red. And i said i can't see you anymore. I'm not gonna let let you hurt me like this. And the trainer says it was a setup you did one set up. I could see myself in the gym. Saying i'm going to be able to you anymore. Right having plans. Sounds like a good idea until you have to put the clothes on and leave the house. Did you ever think that. Oh i'll tell you. I'm not one of those older citizens and some days. I don't have a whole lot to do no. I'm retired kind of. I still work from time to time. I photographed something. If i'm in the mood and one of my really good old customers calls the can't turn them down. And sometimes i love coming over here doing radio. Oh i have to tell you have a radio. Show a regular show right here on this station. It's on sunday mornings at eight o'clock. It's called seniors circle. Oh almost bloom a chance to punch it. Wow map give it a little eight o'clock sunday. Morning z tune. in now. If you can't do that in your busy going to church or you're still sleep on a sunday morning. Don't worry we have podcasts. Just go to our website. Www dot thirteen ten kfi dot com along. The top is a little bar. It's weekends click. It comes down says senior circle. Click it you'll see a picture of me and just below. That are all my podcasts. For the last six or so weeks eight weeks maybe listen listen. It's a lot of fun. I was talking about ghost towns the other day. I got some good feedback on that one. And in i always either travel or history or something and i also have wonderful wonderful. Sponsors people like columbine health systems. The bridget greely fifty plus marketplace news center at center. These are my. These are my sponsors. And i would love it if you would listen. Listen live in. If you can't get those podcasts The this week. What am i gonna do well. I got it all figured out. I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you some details about rocky mountain national park that you may not know. Last week i did zion. National park in told a lot about zion but rocky mountain. National park is so close to us. It seems we all ought to know everything there is to know. Maybe not because i've been spending my whole life crawling in and out of those mountains up there and that's a long life so i i wanna tell you also spent a summer just up there as a tour guide taking people on guide trips. It was awesome so so i'm gonna do rocky mountain national park sunday morning at eight o'clock. I'm sorry that was a shameless shameless plug. But i work hard on show. And i wanna have your listen. I would be honored. I would be honored to have you. Listen well we got some more coming up real soon right here in northern colorado voice. Thirteen take care of cage clarkin for gale here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. day's headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and a schedule upcoming sports broadcast. Find them thirteen ten k. k. a. dot com. We got coming up on top of the hour. Here's a question. Can't we all agreed in two thousand fifteen. Not a single person. Got the answer. Correct to the question. Where do you see yourself five years from. Now you're right. I need to tell you you're listening to us thirteen ten. Kfi greeley loveland fort collins and lucerne. It's eight o'clock..

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